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    Melissa Hombosky

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    Jon Eaton

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    Rita Purnell

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    Kent D. Bernier

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will be your top three priorities, and how will you address them?

Date of Birth 10/19/1978
Education 2002, Penn College of Technology, BS
Qualifications Bellefonte Borough Council, five years; Board member and Event chair, Downtown Bellefonte Inc.; Board member, Springboard
contactemail mhombosky@bellefontepa.gov
First, I wish to continue to support our local merchants. We are lucky to have a strong business community that has continued to grow despite a global pandemic. As a small business owner myself, I understand the unique challenges that face businesses daily.

Second, continue to keep our community safe while we enter the recovery phase of COVID-19. I'm so appreciative of the sacrifices that our friends and neighbors have made to stop the spread.

Third, I am chair of our Parks committee. Over the past year, our parks system has seen an uptick in resident use and I hope that we can continue that trend. There are so many outdoor recreation activities in our region and some of them start right in our parks. How can we continue to grow these amenities?
Date of Birth 30 November 2019
Education High School: Bald Eagle Nittany - 1977, College: Penn State Mechanical Engineering - BS (1981), MS (1991)
Qualifications 1) Borough resident since 1985, 2) Council member since 2017, 3) Project Manager for several R&D programs (external funding) at ARL-Penn State, 4) Department Head - ARL Penn State
contactemail jeaton@bellefontepa.gov
As a member of Council’s Finance and Human Resources committees; I consider 1) Budget & taxes, 2) Regional Integration, and 3) the American Recuse Plan funds to be immediate challenges to Bellefonte.

Bellefonte’s Real Estate tax rates are 4 to 9-times higher than those of the surrounding townships. The 2021 Budget document initiates an effort to concisely explain the flow of tax revenue and expenditures. This educational focus must be expanded in the future

Like the collaborative agreements between our water and sewage authorities, Integration of the safety and emergency services within Nittany Valley will minimize duplication and provide regional coverage of services. This is a direct solution to the regional imbalance in Real Estate taxes.

Bellefonte will distribute $617,000 in COVID relief funds in 2021. This will require maximum transparency and compliance with federal guidelines. It’s a tremendous opportunity to fund deferred projects and provide relief to the community.
Date of Birth August 24, 1965
Education B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University
Qualifications Ways and Means Chairperson of the Junior Woman’s Club of State College(1999-2000), Treasurer of the Junior Woman’s Club of State College(2000-2002), Office Assistant at AJ Fine & Co(2004-2006),Treasurer of the Bellefonte YMCA swim team parents group (2009–2011), President of Class of 2014 Parent’s Group(2010-2014)
contactemail RitaPurnellforBellefonte@gmail.com
I believe that as an elected government official, it would be my duty and honor to listen to my constituents’ concerns and make decisions on their behalf based on the best interests of the people and the Borough. I will make myself available to hear their concerns.

I believe that in order for the people to have faith in their government, information about issues to be discussed and decisions to be made needs to be freely available. I will make sure that this information is made available to the people in a timely manner and in as many areas as possible.

I believe that as a Borough Council member, it would be my duty to be as careful with the budget of the Borough as I would be with my own budget. I will be diligent in the quest to save the Borough money while still providing the best services possible.
Date of Birth July 21, 1968
Education Bachelor Degree From PSU - 1993 Administration Of Justice
Qualifications I have lived and worked in this community for almost 30 years. I have I feel I am qualified for Borough Council because I care about Bellefonte, have children and a family here and want to get involved in my community.
contactemail kentandholly@comcast.net
1. To bring the priorities of our residents to borough council. I want to represent the residents and be a voice for my neighbors.

2. To keep things simple and to apply common sense to our decisions. I have spent my career trying to apply common sense to some of the most difficult situations. I want to help do that on Borough Council.

3. I would like to better understand what goes into the decisions that are being made within council. To try and better understand, I’m running for office. My goal is to get elected and have a voice in the process.