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Town of Middletown Elections are held the first Monday in March. Three Town Council member seats are up for election on the even years, and the Mayor and three Town Council member seats are up for election on the odd years. Citizens 18 years or older living within the town limits can vote. Proof of residency such as an ID card, or multiple bills or statements showing the voter's name and address is required. Absentee ballots are available.Per the town charter, the Mayor together with the Town Council of Middletown have many duties, including but not limited to providing public services like parks, roads, water and sewer service, police and fire protection creating an annual budget and assessing property taxes and lodging taxes to meet expenditures creating town ordinances and prescribing penalties for violations regulating activities such as building, hazardous materials storage, and animal control within town limitsThe Town Council makes appointments to fill vacancies arising in elected offices, approves committee assignments (such as the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment) and personnel appointments (such as the Town Manager) made by the Mayor, and can override Mayoral vetoes by a 2/3rds vote.Meetings of the Mayor and Town Council of Middletown are held the first Monday of every month at at the Town Hall on W. Green St.

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Información Biográfica

What motivates you to seek or continue in this office?

If elected, what will your top priorities be for the coming term?

How will you maintain an open line of communication with your constituents?

What are the key points you'd like the voters to know about you?

Briefly stated, what do you like best and least about your city or town?

Last edit date: Published 2/14/2021
Residence (neighborhood/area): Willow Grove Mill, Middletown, Delaware
Campaign Phone: (302) 545-1318
Campaign email: ablythe104@msn.com
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): Current Middletown Councilman since 2019. 25 year career in the financial services industry supporting consumer compliance, project management, and technology operations. Attended the University of Delaware and Wilmington University. Founding member and current President of the Willow Grove Mill Homeowner’s Association. Executive Vice President, division coordinator, facilities manager, and coach for M.O.T. Little League. Represented Middletown on the New Castle County Parks Task Force, serving as co-chair of the Parks Amenities Sub-committee. 15 year resident of Middletown. Married to wife Jessica; son Chase who attends school in the Appoquinimink School District.
Website or social media link: http://www.facebook.com/blytheformiddletown/
As Middletown continues to grow, the community needs strong leadership that listens and provides a voice for all residents. My experience in the community and the private sector gives me a unique perspective to serve in that capacity.
- Continue to ensure openness and transparency in town government. Evaluate new ways to engage the community and increase participation through public forums and expanded use of social media platforms to provide public notices, communicate events, and reach constituents. - Engage local civic and homeowners associations to stay in touch with the community. - Keep utility costs low and balance both residential and commercial growth within the town. As the pandemic continues, it’s important to continue to foster an environment where businesses can thrive and continue to bring higher paying, quality jobs to the town - Establish short and long term plans to address Middletown’s aging infrastructure. - Protect our parks and other open spaces. Ensure existing park amenities meet community needs - Continue to work with Middletown Police to further enhance community policing and address drug related crime in town.
One of my key priorities is to expand the town’s use of social media to reach a broader audience. As a result of COVID-19, the community has relied upon online resources to stay informed when in-person meetings were not possible. Those needs will not subside in a post-COVID environment and it’s critical we leverage technology to keep in contact with town residents moving forward.
As a resident and community volunteer for the last 15 years, I know first hand that the Middletown community demands strong leadership, openness, transparency, and regular engagement. I am committed to meeting those demands as councilman.
Middletown is a thriving community that continues to grow. The balance of commercial and residential grow has allowed the community to keep that small town feel.
Last edit date: Submitted 2/16/2021
Residence (neighborhood/area): Lakeside
Campaign Phone: (302) 540-1031
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): I was first elected and have held a Town Council seat since May 14, 2014. I am a Middletown native that went to Middletown High school, I received my Bachelors degree from Wilmington University in 2005 (Business Management). In June of 2009. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa (Doctor of Chiropractic). My wife Amy and I are proud parents of twin girls, Delaney and Kallie, and our youngest daughter Finley.
As a member of the current council I have had the opportunity to learn the operations of the town in an effort to understand the growth, both economically and safely. As new businesses have joined the town, we are pleased with the jobs they provide – allowing families to grow in Middletown. I am proud of the daily operations in Middletown, providing safe, clean parks, streets and reliable electric services. The collaboration of the current council, along with the support of the Mayor, we are very proud of the reliable utilities that the town provides, we as a municipality continue to produce a balanced annual budget and offer the lowest utility rates of a municipality this size that puts forward the same services. My compassion combined with my awareness of the community will continue to help the future success of Middletown. As an elected council member, I will continue to ensure that the town is a good place to socialize, make a living, and raise a family.
Middletown continues to grow; our awareness of safety must continue to increase as well. We are proud of the Middletown Police Department (CALEA certified) we need to continue to stay vigilant, while working with our new police advisory board to create further transparency and inclusion within our community. We must continue to maintain economic balance of bringing stable jobs to the community while protecting the existing businesses. It is becoming increasingly important to utilize the various parks within town. As a child, I played in these parks. Now as a father, I continue to value the importance that these areas and they remain active and safe for residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle, strengthen family bonds, and make memories with friends. Middletown will continue to strive to keep our parks clean, determine ways to effectively utilize the spaces, and provide opportunities for safe functions.
The Town of Middletown has made an effort in the last term to focus getting reliable information out to the public, in that effort the Middletown Police Department has social media presence and that has helped with our “community policing” endeavor. We have had tremendous feedback. Social media continues in many ways to help all of us stay aware of particular events; I say that with the understanding that, with all information, appropriate sources of the gathered information is vitally important for reliability and accuracy. I have and will continue to be available by e-mail and phone, as I have to residents in the past.
I have lived in Middletown my entire life. My wife works in the Appoquinimink School District. I have three children, two of school age, and they go to our wonderful public schools. I continue my diverse volunteer efforts. These help me to have a better understanding of the motivation of other groups within the community and their needs. My vision is that Middletown will continue to be a community that surrounding areas will be eager to visit. I anticipate the continuation of diverse job opportunities as future businesses join in the economic development of Middletown. Middletown will continue to lead the way with innovative ideas while maintaining the integrity of the current town dynamics. I look forward to possible challenges and will work towards determining the best and most effective solutions. Middletown will continue to be a welcoming, economically stable and safe community that we all will all be proud to call home.
Middletown is a great community to raise a family. I have lived in this community my entire life with the exception of leaving for school. I have watched this community grow and many community events that I attended as a child I still attend to this day. During this growth we have a number of wonderful amenities: diverse restaurants, shopping experiences, places to go and enjoy with your family and friends and many recreational facilities.
Last edit date: Published 2/14/2021
Residence (neighborhood/area): Parkside Development
Campaign email: eq95.eh@gmail.com
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): I had 39 years of public service with responsibility for managing a large diverse organization. Delivery of effective and safe emergency service was paramount in this organization. The budget was nearly 200 million dollars and the public accountability was intense. The ability to interact with and coordinate activities with other municipal agencies as well as regional agencies was an everyday occurrence. Understanding that public service is demanding and always evolving is certainly required to ensure the public is receiving the quality of service that it is paying for. This was always the driving force in my attempt to be the public servant that kept the community first in y mind when making decisions that would ultimately impact their lives.
Website or social media link: http://www.eq95eh.com
I seek to bring an openness and transparency to the local government that I believe does not currently exist .I have attended many council meetings in my 5 1/2 years of living in Middletown and have seen quite a resistance to change. There are a number of residents of the community who have expressed the same frustration regarding the decision making process in Middletown that is quite insular and opaque. I will strive to open up the many processes of governing here that have not been updated since 1923. This would include the voting provisions which were enacted 1923 when the population was approximately 1,300 people who mostly worked locally. In contrast, the estimated population of Middletown in 2019 was 21,300, with the voting age residents numbering approximately 14,200 who mostly work away from the town but ae subjected to the arcane guidelines from almost 100 years ago. This is an impediment to allowing a greater number of Middletown residents participate in their government.
I will advocate for more transparency in the way the government functions. Many issues are strictly the purview of the Mayor and Council without the express knowledge of the general public. If all governing boards continue to be appointed this way the populace has no say or wide notification about these selections. The government must find a way to inform the public. They currently have a signup for newsletter that provides no news. I think that needs to change.
I will maintain an active email communication network. Also, I will work to see that there is a more robust electronic communication with all residents who are interested in the daily operation of the government.
I believe in fairness and equitable treatment of all people. I think that government has no higher obligation than the fair delivery of services and an understanding of the cultural sensitivities that exist within diverse groups of people .It is with these goals in mind that I offer myself as an individual committed to working for change. To have a more inclusive, responsive and diverse governing body ensuring that all Middletown residents are included.
I like the slower pace of life here and it is certainly more quiet than the city in which I resided most of my life. I really dislike the insular and exclusive governing process that currently exists in Middletown.
Last edit date: Updated 2/16/2021
Residence (neighborhood/area): Lakeside
Campaign Phone: (302) 376-6678
Campaign email: robertcmuniz@verizon.net
I am running for town council because I would like to see Middletown retain its small town feel that charmed my wife and me fifteen years ago. We have seen much growth since then and I believe I would bring a pragmatic approach to future growth and development.
First and foremost, I want to keep the needs of our residents as my top priority. Although there are many areas of great importance facing the town, I think preserving open space for our children and their children is near the top. The construction of multi-unit housing developments not only threatens the open space we do have but also contributes to the ever increasing traffic congestion in town. I will prioritize making informed decisions about this type of development that reflect the desires of the community.
I am extremely responsive to email and easily reachable by phone. I think the town meetings via videoconference are an excellent way to provide residents with information that is directly related to their everyday life.
I care about Middletown and I am looking forward to my family’s future here. I really think that given the opportunity to serve the community, I could help maintain the small town feel we all adore about Middletown. My main responsibility would be to the residents of Middletown.
I like the people the most. I have wonderful friends and neighbors and have met some truly great people here. I’m most concerned with over-development.
Last edit date: Submitted 2/15/2021
Residence (neighborhood/area): Longmeadow
Campaign Phone: (302) 545-2590
Campaign email: jroyston@middletownde.org
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): Lived in Middletown since 2001 Middletown Town Council 2019-Present Middletown Planning and Zoning 2012-2019 President Middletown HS All Sports Boosters Past Board Member and Coach Middletown Youth Football and Cheerleading Member Connection Community Church
I’m motivated to be a responsible change agent for the citizens of Middletown. I have served on the Middletown Planning and Zoning commission for 8 years and on Town Council for the past 2 years. During this time, there has been a great deal of change in Middletown. I believe that change, when taken as a whole, has been good for the residents of Middletown. The change I have been a part of in Middletown has created numerous job opportunities, shopping opportunities, excellent dining options within town. There are expanded entertainment options, athletic activities and arts for both children and adults. Middletown enjoys a vibrant senior community that is involved in all aspect of the town. Mayor Branner, P&Z and council members I have served with have worked tirelessly to encourage responsible and planned growth within Middletown while keeping the sense of community that Middletown is known for.
To continue to work on the key initiatives that mayor and council have identified over the past 2 years. -Improve and grow community policing in Middletown. Continue to work with recently appointed Middletown Police Advisory Board to increase community awareness of policing activities throughout Middletown. Develop intervention programs to aid at risk youth and young adults in the Middletown community. -Bring strong, stable companies to Middletown to support sustained job growth and employment opportunities for all Middletown residents. Also ensure town has sufficient affordable housing to support business employment needs -Maintain balanced growth within town for commercial and residential development. -Work with Middletown Main Street to enhance downtown growth and development while maintaining small town feel. -Continue to monitor traffic issues in town and work with Del Dot to develop plans to minimize traffic congestion
The town of Middletown along with the Middletown Police department have embraced social media and the need for transparency with information. The pages communicate quickly with Middletown residents on latest developments within the town. My email address and cell number are available for any resident to reachout to discuss any matters impacting the town.
I have been a resident of Middletown over 20 years. From the 1st year to the 20th, I have volunteered my time and leadership talents to support Middletown youth, church ministries and the town of Middletown to be the best town in Delaware. I look forward to continuing to volunteer my support for responsible growth, job opportunities and making Middletown a safe, enjoyable town to live
Middletown is a great place to raise a family. Middletown has excellent recreational areas, leagues for all ages. The restaurant scene in Middletown is thriving with many locally owned establishments. Middletown offers many opportunities to get involved within the community from Peach Festival, Big Ball Marathon, Everett Theater to many other arts and community groups. The town does an excellent job of providing necessary and effective services for the residents.
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Last edit date: Published 2/14/2021
Residence (neighborhood/area): Millbranch
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): My name is Tynesia Stewart and I was born and raised in New York, New York . I’m in my mid 40's. After graduating from High School, I attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where l studied Correction Administration. Later on in life, I relocated to Middletown DE in 2018, after the passing of my spouse in 2017. His dream was to raise our children in a safe and prosperous environment and that is what l found in Middletown.
As a mother of three I’ve always had a passion about my environment concerning the location and safety as to where I want to raise my kids, also preparing them to all be well rounded and productive citizens of our society. Nurturing and caring for your family goes way beyond the front yard or playground. And this very point was the catalyst that gave me the courage to run this cycle.
While all priorities takes precedence, the one that compels me the most is "Education"-Unfortunately, because the pandemic has taken center stage and concern about the safety of our children being taught in schools, they have lost many hours of learning due to the trial and error of not creating a stable academic environment virtually within the home. With that said, my priority would be to focus on creating a process to help our children transition to a dominant virtual learning environment. How would I accomplish this? We can do so by developing new programs and enhance the existing ones. Our number one Partnerships should be to incorporate more educational classes within the after-school programs as well as after school academies. Secondly and strategically, design summer programs that would teach technology as well as social entrepreneurship. In my humble opinion the potential is limitless, and the potential benefits are even greater. Our programs could serve as the foundation.
I would maintain an open line of communication with my constituents by creating a schedule that would accommodate everyone involved on the committee. Secondly, we would need to establish action items for each quarter and follow up on their status as we proceed within the fiscal year.
I would like for the voters to know that I am a hard worker; I am a great listener; and that I will serve them far beyond their expectations. If elected my desire is to hear from my neighbors, my friends and family to get feedback from them as to what they would like to see improved within the community as well as report to me the things that are working well.
Best - Middletown is very family oriented, being a transplant from New York once l moved here l knew l was "HOME".

What l like least, doesn't end nor begin in Middletown, DE.. the thing l dislike the most is that many people do not have a true understanding the difference between equality and equity. Equity is something we can all work on together to ensure that all undeserved person gain the tools and knowledge the will need to sustain and to become self sufficient.