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Newark (DE) City Council District 4

Elections are held for the City of Newark, DE on the second Tuesday in April each year. The Mayor and a six-member City Council form the elected government for the city. Six council members, elected from separate districts, serve staggered two-year terms.In 2021, no election will be held in Newark Council District 4. Dwendolyn Creecy is running unopposed for the council seat and will assume office automatically.District 4 is in the heart of the city, including the central campus south of Main Street, parts of Delaware Ave and South Main. A link to a Newark election districts map is available on the City website: https://newarkde.gov/62/Mayor-CouncilAny individual who is at least 18 years old and is registered to vote with the State of Delaware at a residence within the corporate limits of the City of Newark is eligible to vote. Absentee ballots are available for city elections.

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    Dwendolyn (Wendy) Creecy

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This question deals with council priorities. For incumbent councilpersons: "What do you think is the most important vote that City Council has taken over the past year?" For challengers, "What do you view as the greatest issue facing city council?"

What changes, if any, would you propose to the city's policies related to parking and traffic?

What are your thoughts on the amount of new student housing projects and commercial development on Main Street and their impact on the community as a whole?

Do you believe the city's COVID-related policies and procedures have been appropriate so far?

The City of Newark was designated a "Habitat City" by the Delaware Nature Society and the National Wildlife Federation several years ago. What is your position on real estate development versus keeping open green space in Newark? Do you support the planting of native plants in City green spaces?

Last edit date: Submitted 3/22/2021
Residence (neighborhood/area): 181 Madison Drive Newark De 19711
Campaign Phone: (302) 981-5909
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): I am a single mom of two grads one from UD. I am a Temple U grad. I have worked in child advocacy for years and ran for office and obtained office in Council in Upper Darby Pa. I am a advocate at heart and I can not wait to serve in April.
I think that all of Newark needs to work together for the best in Newark. I live in a district area that has been forgotten slightly. I want to bring thier voices with me. I want to find a way for all of us to live together in peace.
I would like to try and bring order to this. Not that there isnt any but we do have issues with abandon cars,racing down the streets while people and children are crossing the road and the students need parking added when ever there is a building built for residency.
Whenever there is a building and or structure built on Campus all voices need to be present and or opinions given. This is why I am ran for office becuase there should not be an us verses them..it should be a we. I am planning to bring my constuients into the fold and keep them updated with any changes in our community as far as development is concern.
I am pleased with the way the covid response was done here in the great state of Delaware. My Mom and my Dad suffured from covid and it was a very trying time for me. However, the response and the medical alertness given during that time was great. My parents lived through it and are vacinated. I am more than happy to be one to have not lost my parents.

I do worry about the students and some of thier disreguard for proceedures. I hope that they come to light with the seriosness of the disease and realize that they are our future, and we care deeply about thier health.
Well, I am a the mother of a environmentalist and a designer. I want the air that we breathe to be clean which means that the trees and grass and nature (navtivity) is needed in Newark. If building in Newark interferes with keeping our evironment safe I will question its need.