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Millcreek Township Supervisor

The Role of a Township Supervisor:Township Supervisors are charged with the general government of their Township to maintain the health, safety and welfare of the community. Administratively, their individual responsibilities are to oversee the entire operation of the Township: management of personnel, financial responsibilities, planning for the future, road maintenance and overseeing the operation of township Boards. Their most important role, being insync with their community and the voters of their community. Term: 6 YearSalary Range: $44,116 (average, township sizes vary)

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    Kim Clear

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    Kirk McCaslin

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In an effort to help revitalize the local economy (in general, and post-COVID) what actions would you support for job growth, profitable business development and success and a broadened tax base to help the township?

How can you improve the visibility of township supervisors in the community for increased interaction with the citizens beyond regular township meetings?

Education Mercyhurst University- Bachelors of Arts -Major in English and Minor in Political Science Teacher Certification-Secondary English from Mercyhurst University
Qualifications Millcreek Township School Teacher 17 years. Small Business owner. Elected to Erie County Council in 2019, representing District 1 in Millcreek, serving as Finance Chair, Pleasant Ridge Manor Board, Retirement Board, Vice Chair of Council, CARES Committee and Covid Impact Committee.
Endorsements AFSME Union-Millcreek Township Employees Union
Millcreek Township can implement a variety of policies that would support job growth, business development, and broaden the tax base. First, Millcreek must reimagine the zoning policies that have been stifling growth. Zoning policies can be executed which will encourage investment, expansion, and growth. This entrepreneurial legislation will not only increase the tax base by encouraging more people to invest. Another idea to inspire growth and lead to profitable business development will be to build a Millcreek Business Coalition of business owners and entrepreneurs to coordinate efforts and explore opportunities which will build partnerships with other entities.
Millcreek Township can increase exposure and involvement with its citizens using the existing In Millcreek magazine, updating the Millcreek Township website, promoting and reworking the social media presence, developing a partnership with the Millcreek Township School District, as well as beginning the first annual Millcreek Days. The idea is to create community within Millcreek Township. Community involvement is key to lead the Township into the 21st Century. Connection to neighbors and to the community as a whole will guide Millcreek citizens to take part in joining together to realize its future as the heart of Erie County.
Education McDowell High School
Qualifications I am running to make a difference and I promise to work hard and produce results. In addition, I promise to only serve one term. I believe an effective voice is needed right now, to correct the issues… not pass them down the road to future generations.
The disrepair in our streets, the lack of communication and customer service from our township supervisors, and the flooding problem that has wreaked havoc on countless neighborhoods is unacceptable. We pay taxes to see growth, development, accountability and maintenance. Instead, we are forced to accept unanswered emails and phone calls from the township, roads that are distressed, and empty promises regarding the flooding problems.

I believe that we need to fix the core problems (streets, flooding, etc) to attract new businesses to Millcreek. Once we do, then businesses will be enticed to be in Millcreek, and therefore create a localized stimulus of job growth and business development.
The township supervisors have a responsibility to the citizens of Millcreek - not only being accessible, but to also provide platforms (other than monthly meetings where they are not sure their concerns will be heard) to voice their concerns. I believe this is done through townhall meetings, both in person and virtually/over the phone.

Additionally, I think the township supervisors need to be champions of the local events and activities; which means being present. I plan on attending as many events as possible to see and hear from our community.