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Keystone Heights City Council Seat 3

There shall be a municipal election to elect a council member for Council Seat 3 and Seat 5, of the City Council of the City of Keystone Heights, Florida on April 13, 2021. The term of Council Seat 3 and Seat 5, are three years.

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    Bobby Brown

  • Deirdre Murphy

Información Biográfica

What motivated you to run for office?

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this office?

What do you see as the most pressing issues for the office and how do you propose to address them?

Is there a specific message you would like to send to voters prior to the election?

What would you do to reduce the polarization that currently exists in most political discussions in our country today?

Campaign Phone (352) 234-0737
While watching our City Council on TV one night (a Covid-19 Zoom meeting) I came to the realization that I could help make Keystone Heights a better place for Businesses, Schools, our Youth, to raise families, our Veterans, Senior Citizens, and controlled Growth. I Volunteer a lot and the duties and opportunities this office presents are all things that I am good at and can do something about.
My experience (45years) in management as a telephone company Outside Plant Engineer. I worked with Federal, State, and Cities applying for permits to build my projects. Never had one turned down. When you work with people it is amazing what everyone can accomplish. My children all graduated from Keystone Heights Schools, I know the school’s and Cities strengths and what is needed to make them better.
Continuing to provide for our community’s residents needs and controlling our Cities future growth. If we are not extremely careful Our growth can get out of hand. We also must be careful of not having too much control.
Yes! No matter who you are or what party affiliation you have, everyone’s voice must be heard. How can you truly serve the people of your city if you only listen to some of them. In fact my campaign slogan is “ It’s Your Voice, now let’s use it “ I am a conservative and I will always vote to keep Keystone Heights a place where you can be proud to live in.
Try answering Yes or No. Do not toot your own horn. Do not make political promises that you know you cannot keep. If you do not agree with something, tell them. People might not like your answer, but they will respect you for being honest and listening to them. When you listen to someone their solution might be better than yours.
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