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The City of North Augusta has a Mayor-Council form of government. The City Council is composed of seven members elected at-large on a partisan basis. The Mayor is elected to a four-year term. Every two years, three Council members are elected to serve four-year staggered terms.The City Council is the legally constituted lawmaking and policy-making body for the City of North Augusta. Major duties of the City Council include adopting an annual budget; establishing the annual property tax rate; enacting policies concerning the operation of the city; enacting local ordinances; and appointing the Municipal Judges, City Attorney, City Clerk, and members of the various boards. There is a race for three seats for North Augusta City Council on April 27, 2021Pat C. Carpenter, Jenafer McCauley, and David McGhee won the three seats in this race.

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  • Pat C. Carpenter

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    Trina Mackie

  • Jenafer McCauley

  • David McGhee

Información Biográfica

1. What are your qualifications for office?

2. What do you identify as the three major challenges facing North Augusta and what are your solutions?

3. If you had a 1-million-dollar grant, how would you spend it and why?

4. How do you plan to involve residents in decision making? Be specific.

Campaign Phone (803) 599-1342
Candidate Email pcarpenter06@yahoo.com
I have been a member of North Augusta City Council for 28 years. I am very involved with lots of activities in our City. I listen to the people, try to do what is best for our citizens. It is with humbleness that I serve our city.
The first one is completion of our fire station. This has been in the process for 4 years. Second one is completion of Riverfront Village. It is very important for this to be finished. Third would be completion of Public police Station. This is long overdue for North Augusta.
I would look at our infrastructure and decide where the most important repairing or paving is necessary.
Invite them to call me anytime, attend our meetings. I am always available to help them.
Campaign Phone (803) 439-1908
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/trina.mackie.90/
Candidate Email tlmackie2004@gmail.com
I am analytical and decisive. I have a degree in Political Science because of my passion to serve the needs of all citizens; engage in policymaking, and contribute to the effective and efficient operation of my community. My educational background and my career experience as a litigation paralegal, office manager, and contracts manager have prepared me to serve effectively on the City Council. I am also a James Clyburn Political Fellow.

Aside from my educational or professional experience, I am a North Augusta native concerned about the people of North Augusta.
1. The financial health of Riverside Village:

Solution: We must ensure accountability for contract performance to avoid the high costs of failed projects with the City. The Augusta Green Jackets is a single A Team. They recently signed a 10 year contract with the Atlanta Braves to develop their players. We must capitalize on the this opportunity to attract business to Riverside Village.

2. Completion of the Public Safety Headquarters and Fire Station 1:

Solution: As these projects are underway, we must ensure contract performance accountability through the completion.

3. Calhoun Park and the Meriwether Monument:

Solution: While the City waits for the SC Legislature to make a determination about the Monument, at the very least we can place interpretive markers in the park detailing the true events regarding the Historic Hamburg Massacre by acknowledging all 8 men who were killed. We must work to make sure this monument does not divide our community but, instead, we must highlight this Historic event that occurred in our community.
1.The Elderly: There are so many of our elderly who are living at or below the poverty line. I would use funds to set up programs and/or facilities for the elderly to address issues such as food insecurity, affordable housing, prescription drugs, wellness, rehabilitation, and transportation.

2.The youth: The pandemic highlighted disparities in many areas regarding children. I would use funds to also address food insecurity as many children often only have the meals they receive at school. I would set up an educational facility for tutoring, college prep, and technical training. I would like to see an on-the-job training program. We must do all we can to prepare our children to be productive adults.

3.Mental health awareness: I would invest in a community mental health facility that would offer free services to anyone in need. Mental illness is becoming a public health crisis that has been unfolding in slow motion. We must silence this shame by raising public awareness and providing better health care

4. Animal control. Our pets are our family. However, for those surrendered or impounded animals, I would partner with and support rescue groups and human societies to ensure animals are properly sheltered until they can be adopted as I do not believe in disposing of abandoned animals.
The ongoing challenge and opportunity for North Augusta is to ensure that residents from all areas of the city have a real voice in the city’s future decisions according to their interests and concerns.

There is a need for increased citizen awareness and engagement by council members with the public. I am committed to keeping citizens informed about the city and by promoting citizen input in city operations and its future that affect our everyday lives. I plan to do this by implementing either a quarterly newsletter to town halls around the city. I will make myself available to citizens via social media. The key to citizen awareness is communication. I simply plan to communicate with citizens on a regular basis.
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