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Smyrna (DE) Town Council District 3

Smyrna, Delaware has an election on Tuesday, April 27, 2021. This race only applies to Smyrna residents in town election district 3 (see map: https://smyrna.delaware.gov/election-district-map)... the west side of town plus a northwest annex.Each year in Smyrna one at-large council seat is open, and a seat from one of the three election districts.In 2021, only one candidate filed for the open seat in Smyrna council district 3, so no election will be held. Incumbent Councilwoman Valerie Forbes will retain her seat, assuming office automatically.

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    Valerie Forbes

Información Biográfica

What motivates you to seek or continue in this office?

If elected, what will your top priorities be for the coming term?

How will you maintain an open line of communication with your constituents?

What are the key points you'd like the voters to know about you?

Briefly stated, what do you like best and least about your city or town?

Last edit date: Published 4/1/2021
Residence (neighborhood/area): Historic Downtown Smyrna
Campaign Phone: (302) 423-6516
Campaign email: councilwomanwhite@yahoo.com
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): Valerie moved to Smyrna Delaware in 1995. She has a total of 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Valerie was first elected to Council in 2006.
Website or social media link: http://smyrna.delaware.gov/
The people in my community. Decisions we make play a roll in the daily lives of our residents and it is important to me take them into consideration when voting. I want our residents to “want” to live in Smyrna.
Getting citizens more involved in their community. Council makes decisions we think are best for residents when it is the residents who should reach out Council and express how they feel. We are all in this together and I believe creating several small events to bring residents together to meet their neighbors will make Smyrna an even better place to live.

Adequate infrastructure is important to the growth of the town and the well-being of the residents.

Managing water, sewer, electric, tax rates. To provide services to residents, Council must consider where the funding for these services will come from. Managing those rates can be difficult because the Town is a business, but residents must be taken into consideration when discussing increases.

Making improvements to downtown and our parks will add to the beautification of the Town. Working towards adding new ADA equipment in our parks.

I am available via cell or email. My door is always open, just knock. Residents to not have to be in my district to contact me. I am always willing to listen to their issues and try to resolve them.
Voters elected me to speak for them and I will continue to be their voice. We may not always get what we want, which is ok as long as their voice is heard.
Best: The people. I have met some of the most amazing people in Smyrna. Residents have compassion for one another in good times and bad and in those bad times our entire community pulls together. Residents practice “it takes a village” everyday from waving as you drive by, stopping to check on a neighbor, or making sure your neighbor has fuel oil for the winter.

Least: I have to leave Town to enjoy a Japanese dinner.