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Tigard-Tualatin School District Director Position 5

Special districts in Oregon are formed to govern specific resources. Examples are people’s utility districts, library districts, sewer districts, irrigation districts, ports and cemetery districts. Some districts get revenue only from taxes. Others, such as water districts, get revenue from ratepayers. Others may combine the two sources. Each district is governed by a board of directors which is responsible for the operation of the district and its financial accountability. ( https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/198.010 ) Qualifications: Candidate must be a registered voter and a resident of the district for 1 year. Employees of the district are not eligible unless employed as a substitute driver. ORS 332.016 and 332.018(2)Salary: A member of the governing body of a district may receive an amount not to exceed $50 for each day or portion thereof as compensation for services performed as a member of the governing body. Such compensation shall not be deemed lucrative. The governing body may provide for reimbursement of a member for actual and reasonable traveling and other expenses necessarily incurred by a member in performing official duties. [1971 c.403 §2; 1983 c.327 §2; 1983 c.740 §53a; 1989 c.517 §1; 1995 c.79 §74] In event of Vacancy: Except as otherwise provided by law, a vacancy in an elected office in the membership of the governing body of a district shall be filled by appointment by a majority of the remaining members of the governing body. If a majority of the membership of the governing body is vacant or if a majority cannot agree, the vacancies shall be filled promptly by the county court of the county in which the administrative office of the district is located. [ORS 198.320]

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    Marvin Lynn

Información Biográfica

Even before COVID and the transition to online learning, school districts struggled with disparities in academic achievement. Educators fear even greater gaps upon their return to classrooms. What strategies will you consider to address these increased disparities?

COVID has shown us the importance of family support in facilitating students’ education. How will you build on this understanding to increase the role of parents in decision making and promote parental involvement in schools?

What is the impact of the pandemic on school budgets and spending priorities? How do you propose meeting these new challenges?

Los distritos escolares ya tenían dificultades con las disparidades en el desempeño académico, inclusive antes del COVID y de la transición al aprendizaje por internet. Los educadores temen que aparezcan vacíos aún mayores cuando el estudiantado vuelva a los salones de clase. ¿Qué estrategias considerará usted para enfrentar el aumento de estas dificultades?

El COVID nos ha mostrado la importancia del apoyo de las familias para facilitar la educación de los estudiantes. ¿Cómo utilizará este hecho para ampliar la función de los padres en la toma de decisiones y promover la participación de los padres de familia en las escuelas?

¿Cuál es el impacto de la pandemia en los presupuestos escolares y en las prioridades de gasto? ¿Qué propone usted para enfrentar estos nuevos desafíos?

Campaign Phone (public) (312) 607-7027
Web Site (leave blank if not applicable) http://marvinlynn4ttsd.com/
Town Where You Live Tigard, Oregon
Your Experience/Qualificatons For the last 28 years, I have worked as an elementary school teacher, an education professor, and an administrator in public institutions of higher education across the nation. I understand curriculum, teaching, policy, and fiscal management. As an administrator. I am an expert on racial equity. I am also a proud and engaged parent of successful TTSD students.
County Washington County
I believe schools should adopt strategies for supporting learners who may need additional enrichment opportunities. I understand that funds will be available through ODE to support summer learning and other after-school enrichment opportunities for students who may not have been able to stay on track academically. Schools should also find ways to support the socio-emotional and mental health needs of learners who may have experienced some form of trauma while working remotely. Additional counselors and social workers may be needed. I would also support grading policy changes that provide students with an opportunity to make up missed assignments over time.
TTSD regularly asks parents to respond to surveys about their preferences for remote vs. in-person learning. I believe these are an excellent way to engage parents and seek their feedback. They also regularly invite parents to participate in virtual meetings where they can learn about various proposals and ask questions. They ensure that interpreters are available and written messages are translated into languages other than English. I would ask that the district continue these processes. As a board member, I would want to ensure that we provide parents with multiple opportunities to share feedback and to react to specific proposals that are under consideration. I would provide specific outreach to parents who may not traditionally participate in such conversations because of demanding work schedules and other responsibilities.
Schools across the United States have seen more uneven attendance from students who were less engaged before the pandemic. In some cases, students who had otherwise good academic histories were never able to fully embrace online learning. This has greatly impacted school funding. Schools will have to work hard to ensure the safe return of all students, but particularly those that may be experiencing social or economic hardships. Schools may have to make difficult decisions about what to prioritize in the upcoming year. I would recommend that schools avoid teacher layoffs and find other ways to cut back if that becomes necessary.
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