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Riverdale School District 51J Position 3

Special districts in Oregon are formed to govern specific resources. Examples are people’s utility districts, library districts, sewer districts, irrigation districts, ports and cemetery districts. Some districts get revenue only from taxes. Others, such as water districts, get revenue from ratepayers. Others may combine the two sources. Each district is governed by a board of directors which is responsible for the operation of the district and its financial accountability. ( https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/198.010 ) Qualifications: Candidate must be a registered voter and a resident of the district for 1 year. Employees of the district are not eligible unless employed as a substitute driver. ORS 332.016 and 332.018(2)Salary: A member of the governing body of a district may receive an amount not to exceed $50 for each day or portion thereof as compensation for services performed as a member of the governing body. Such compensation shall not be deemed lucrative. The governing body may provide for reimbursement of a member for actual and reasonable traveling and other expenses necessarily incurred by a member in performing official duties. [1971 c.403 §2; 1983 c.327 §2; 1983 c.740 §53a; 1989 c.517 §1; 1995 c.79 §74] In event of Vacancy: Except as otherwise provided by law, a vacancy in an elected office in the membership of the governing body of a district shall be filled by appointment by a majority of the remaining members of the governing body. If a majority of the membership of the governing body is vacant or if a majority cannot agree, the vacancies shall be filled promptly by the county court of the county in which the administrative office of the district is located. [ORS 198.320]

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    Carrie Outhier Banks

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    Michele Rosenbaum

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Even before COVID and the transition to online learning, school districts struggled with disparities in academic achievement. Educators fear even greater gaps upon their return to classrooms. What strategies will you consider to address these increased disparities?

COVID has shown us the importance of family support in facilitating students’ education. How will you build on this understanding to increase the role of parents in decision making and promote parental involvement in schools?

What is the impact of the pandemic on school budgets and spending priorities? How do you propose meeting these new challenges?

Los distritos escolares ya tenían dificultades con las disparidades en el desempeño académico, inclusive antes del COVID y de la transición al aprendizaje por internet. Los educadores temen que aparezcan vacíos aún mayores cuando el estudiantado vuelva a los salones de clase. ¿Qué estrategias considerará usted para enfrentar el aumento de estas dificultades?

El COVID nos ha mostrado la importancia del apoyo de las familias para facilitar la educación de los estudiantes. ¿Cómo utilizará este hecho para ampliar la función de los padres en la toma de decisiones y promover la participación de los padres de familia en las escuelas?

¿Cuál es el impacto de la pandemia en los presupuestos escolares y en las prioridades de gasto? ¿Qué propone usted para enfrentar estos nuevos desafíos?

Web Site (leave blank if not applicable) http://www.carriebanks4schoolboard.org
Town Where You Live Portland, Oregon
Your Experience/Qualificatons Current Chair of the Riverdale School Board.
County Multnomah
Term 2021-2025
After 7 months of CDL, our teachers and staff are pivoting once again to meet the new 3 foot spacing requirements; preparing classrooms for our students to return safely. Our K-8 will be near full-time April 19th and our HS will be returning on the 19th and our Administration is exploring neighboring buildings to address our spacing issues and expand our in-person instructional time when possible.

Our teachers have taught, our parents have motivated and our children have learned, but we all know that in-person learning is preferred. Riverdale will be participating in the standardized testing which, with strong input from our teachers, will help address where students may need additional support.

We have secured grant money that we will use to create a summer school program. Our teachers will quickly address any educational gaps and impacts as a result of being away from in-person learning so that our students can start the fall strong.
The Riverdale community always answers the call. Whether it be teacher needs, technology needs, charity drives or power outages, our parent group and community members give what they can. This year with Covid-19, we have seen many examples of our parent community stepping up and pitching in to support our teachers, staff and - most importantly - their students. The restraints of Covid protocols has impacted our community negatively. I take pride in having answered every email and answered every call about Board issues over the past two years. I will continue to listen and work to increase community engagement. I know more can be done to expand involvement.

As current Chair of the Riverdale School Board, I recommend the school board engage in a new extensive Strategic Planning process garnering input from all constituents leading us to a more unified district and community with clear direction and vision for the next 4 years. This will allow input community wide - every voice heard.
Under the supervision of our Interim Superintendent, our spending has remained solid during this year. We have used all of the grants afforded to us as well as the SIA funding to support needed culture changes in our High School while still supporting the technology challenges that CDL created. Plans will need to be made to ensure that we are able to have all of our students full time in the fall if spacing requirements stay the same. This is a high priority for me. Continuing the work for diversity and equitable learning for all of our students whether they be TAG, SPED, BIPOC or out of district, it is critical to keep improving to serve all of our students in an individualized manner - which is a unique Riverdale experience.

Since we hired our new business management company, our predictions and accuracy of our financial health is solid and is poised to continue down that road. I am confident that we will continue to spend in a student-centric manner.
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Web Site (leave blank if not applicable) http://rosenbaumforriverdale.org
Town Where You Live Portland, OR
Your Experience/Qualificatons Oregon Business Owner & Job Creator; Riverdale Volunteer for over 12 years; Riverdale School District High School & Grade School Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Teams; Riverdale High School & Grade School Principal and Coordinator Screening and Interview Committees; Riverdale Foundation Call Captain & Garden Tour; Riverdale Drama Program Co-chair, Riverdale PTC Auction Committee; Riverdale PTC Art Show Host; Riverdale Lacrosse Coach & Cross Country Assistant Coach; please see website for more
County Multnomah
Term 4 years
Assessing and surveying our students and parents will determine needs in learning and development. These results can guide educators in a comprehensive action plan. Offering trained specialists will assist Riverdale students in their overall well-being and transition into our classrooms. Students deserve educational opportunities and full-time instruction. Using ODE’s Continuous Improvement Process will also correct disparities. This philosophy supports us in building on success while asking the hard questions about what needs to change. For example, independent Riverdale High School learning projects have accelerated achievement and justify development and continuation. On the other hand, our Riverdale Grade School kids have experienced challenges this year as some have done better than others during online school. As students come back to school, individualized support and planning will create educational equity and help students accomplish their unique academic goals.
Parents have advocated for their students and asked to participate as schools plan for in person instruction. At Riverdale, families have offered to assist our administration with resources and invaluable creative solutions. I recently collaborated with fellow parents at our high school and grade school through committees and advocacy for our students. Considering parents as allies in educating students will transform our culture into one of collaboration and transparency. Thoughtfully planning and recognizing the needs of our different families through each phase of returning to school will build involvement. Valuing community support and voice in decision making through action will create the best outcomes for our students. This means open calls for committee participation and the creation of opportunities for effective engagement. Simultaneously offering online and in-person options in the fall will empower our students and parents and allow schools to pivot if needed.
As the school year and pandemic has evolved, our administration found online learning to be less expensive than first anticipated. With transitioning back into classrooms, funds have been spent on extra support and teachers. While this is temporary, we need to be thoughtful about spending over both the short and long term. Our administration and board need to be financially prudent, attentive and supportive. Opening our high school and grade school full-time in the fall is imperative to sustaining our enrollment and funding. Access to opportunities and unique curriculum make our Riverdale schools exceptional. We must reinstate the educational programs that have been cut needlessly. Furthermore, missing in person days in school will not be an immense issue if lessons and resources are available online to all of our students. The pandemic has created a rare opportunity to apply the lessons we have learned into long term investment in the future of educating our amazing scholars.
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