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Clackamas Education Service District At large

Special districts in Oregon are formed to govern specific resources. Examples are people’s utility districts, library districts, sewer districts, irrigation districts, ports and cemetery districts. Some districts get revenue only from taxes. Others, such as water districts, get revenue from ratepayers. Others may combine the two sources. Each district is governed by a board of directors which is responsible for the operation of the district and its financial accountability. ( https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/198.010 )Qualifications: Candidate must be a registered voter and a resident of the district for 1 year. Employees of the district are not eligible. ORS 334.090(5) and (6)Salary: A member of the governing body of a district may receive an amount not to exceed $50 for each day or portion thereof as compensation for services performed as a member of the governing body. Such compensation shall not be deemed lucrative. The governing body may provide for reimbursement of a member for actual and reasonable traveling and other expenses necessarily incurred by a member in performing official duties. [1971 c.403 §2; 1983 c.327 §2; 1983 c.740 §53a; 1989 c.517 §1; 1995 c.79 §74]In Event of Vacancy: Except as otherwise provided by law, a vacancy in an elected office in the membership of the governing body of a district shall be filled by appointment by a majority of the remaining members of the governing body. If a majority of the membership of the governing body is vacant or if a majority cannot agree, the vacancies shall be filled promptly by the county court of the county in which the administrative office of the district is located. [ORS 198.320]

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    Nadene Duffield

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    Glenda Scherer

Información Biográfica

The District provides a wide range of important services to school districts and students. Describe one or two functions of the Education Service District that offer you an opportunity to address challenges faced by students because of the pandemic.

Voters are often less familiar with the functions of the Education Service Districts than they are with their local school districts. What specifically motivated you to serve on the ESD Board?

Outline your plan to use District funding as efficiently as possible to provide necessary services to as many students as possible.

El Distrito proporciona una amplia gama de importantes servicios a los distritos escolares y al estudiantado. Describa una o dos funciones del Distrito de Servicios Educativos con las que usted pueda atender los desafíos que enfrenta el sector estudiantil debido a la pandemia.

La población votante suele no estar tan enterada de las funciones de los Distritos de Servicios Educativos como de sus distritos escolares locales. ¿Qué le motivó específicamente para trabajar en la Junta de Servicios Educativos del Distrito?

Mencione un plan para usar el financiamiento de los Distritos de la manera más eficiente posible para proporcionar los servicios necesarios a la mayor cantidad posible de estudiantes.

Town Where You Live Oregon City, Redland Area
Your Experience/Qualificatons 1969-1975 Teacher, Riverside School, North Clackamas District 1975-1976 Teacher, Baton Rouge, LA 1977-1978 Title I Reading Specialist, Eugene Public Schools 1978-1999 Title I Coordinator & Teacher, Redland School, Oregon City School District 1999-2017 Reading Tutor & Junior Great Books Leader at Redland School and Portland Public Schools 1996 Appointed to CESD Board, Director at Large 1997-2021 Elected to CESD Board, Director at Large
County Clackamas
Term 4 years
Clackamas ESD is the spoke in the wheel of our regional K-12 system. As a long-time member of the ESD board, I can assure you we do not tell districts what to do – we listen to what they need. And this year they have needed the critical liaison work we provide with state and county agencies and other partners, to help with multiple transitions to distance learning and back to the classroom. As a convener and central resource, we have helped expand internet and technology access to students throughout the county, trained hundreds of school staff, and other community partners on how to support students’ emotional health during the pandemic and found creative ways to keep delivering services to many of our community’s most vulnerable children enrolled in special education and early learning programs. And we are able to deliver these services more cost-effectively than districts could provide them on their own.
I spent my entire career as a teacher, with most of those years at Redland Elementary School in Oregon City. I saw first-hand the vital services Clackamas ESD provided to my students, our school, and our district, and I knew I could provide valuable perspective that would help the ESD stay focused on the constantly changing needs of the districts it serves. Over my 25 years of service on the Clackamas ESD board, I am extremely proud of the way we have partnered with the 10 school districts in our county to dramatically increase the support we provide to them in special education, early learning, technology, and many other areas. It is invigorating to be a leader in an organization that has such a tremendous impact on tens of thousands of children and the teachers and other staff who support them.
Quite simply, Clackamas ESD expenditures are driven completely by the distinct needs of each of our partner school districts, and we are accountable to them. As a 25-year member of the CESD Board of Directors, I am intimately familiar with the intricacies of our budget, which comes from a mixture of state school funds, state and federal grants, and contracts for our various services. Every year, we create detailed plans for each of our districts, outlining how we will use funding from all sources to provide the services they have told us they need, and we provide equally detailed accounts of how we helped them serve their students in the previous year. It is an excellent system that allows us to listen to our school district partners, expand, or reduce services as necessary, and work creatively together to address gaps in supporting the 10 percent of Oregon students who live in Clackamas County.
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Web Site (leave blank if not applicable) http://www.glendaforeducation.com
YouTube Video (leave blank if not applicable) http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeaIU9RVrbLbmXl_3ceVGkA
Town Where You Live Gladstone
Your Experience/Qualificatons 20+ years in Public Education: Special Education, English Language Arts, and Reading Intervention TOSA Literacy: 2 years Parent Trainer/Coach 3 years Current Teaching Credentials: Oregon License
Twitter @clackamasesd
County Clackamas
Term 4 years
An important function of CESD is to provide technology services for Clackamas County school districts. As districts quickly pivoted in response to the pandemic, students faced challenges of isolation and uncertainty in their learning experiences. Clackamas ESD supported districts in technology, so students could find routines and some stability in learning last spring and this school year. More recently, CESD hosted (for the 2nd time) the Regional Art Show virtually. Many middle and high students found reassurance in creating art, often which depicted the processing of the inner struggle they were going through. As an educator trained in child and adolescent development, I recognize the importance of art for students, not only the process of creating, but also the significance of others seeing it. When the CESD hosted the Regional Art Show virtually, this important service supported students in processing the uncertainty of the pandemic.
I am motivated to run for the director position because I'm a licensed special education teacher, and my skills, training, and experience would be extremely beneficial in helping the district navigate the complexity it will face in the next few years. District programs are not running at capacity due to COVID constraints, and it is important to have a board member who is knowledgeable about current educational research for evaluating programs
My platform for running is very clear: Value, Vision, & Voice. All of these principles support the important nature of the work I will do as a board member and will help guide decisions to efficiently use money helping the most children.

To promote value, I will use my experience as a teacher and a parent to make decisions that have the most benefit throughout ESD while being responsible with taxpayer funds.

My vision is that Clackamas County ESD can set the standard for education in our area. I am committed to bringing quality programs and services to our students, families, and districts that we serve.

For me it is important to seek out the input from the families we serve and hear their voice. Parents know their children best and are a valuable partner in helping to improve the ESD.

Una función importante de CESD es proporcionar servicios tecnológicos para los distritos escolares del condado de Clackamas. A medida que los distritos cambiaron rápidamente en respuesta a la pandemia, los estudiantes se enfrentaban a desafíos de aislamiento e incertidumbre en sus experiencias de aprendizaje. CESD apoyó a los distritos ofreciendo tecnología para que los estudiantes pudieran encontrar rutinas y cierta estabilidad en el aprendizaje la primavera pasada y durante el transcurso de este año escolar. Más recientemente, CESD organizó (por segunda vez) el Regional Art Show virtualmente. Muchos estudiantes de escuela intermedia (6-8) y superior (9-12) encontraron tranquilidad en la creación de arte que representaba el proceso de lucha interna por la cual estaban pasando. Como educadora capacitada en el desarrollo infantil y adolescente, reconozco la importancia del arte para los estudiantes, no sólo el proceso de creación, sino también la importancia de que otros lo vean.
Mi motivacion para postularme al puesto de director se debe a que soy maestra de educación especial con licencia, y mis habilidades, capacitación y experiencia serían extremadamente beneficiosas para ayudar al distrito a manejar la complejidad que enfrentará en los próximos años. Los programas de distrito no están operando a total capacidad debido a las limitaciones por COVID, y es importante tener un miembro de la junta que esté bien informado sobre la investigación educativa actual para evaluar dichos programas.
Mi plataforma para correr es muy clara: Valor, Visión y Voz. Todos estos principios respaldan la naturaleza importante del trabajo que haré como miembro de la junta y ayudaré a guiar las decisiones para utilizar eficientemente el dinero ayudando a la mayoría de los niños.

Para promover el valor, usaré mi experiencia como maestra y madre para tomar decisiones que tengan e mayor numero de beneficios al ESD mientras manejo responsablemente los fondos de los contribuyentes.

Mi visión es que el ESD del Condado de Clackamas puede establecer el estándar para la educación en nuestra área. Estoy comprometida a llevar programas y servicios de calidad a nuestros estudiantes, familias y distritos a los que servimos.

Para mí es importante buscar la aportación de las familias a las que servimos y escuchar su voz. Los padres conocen a sus hijos mejor que nadie, y son un recurso valioso para ayudar a mejorar la ESD.