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Monroe County Coroner

4 year term

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    Ed Kmetz

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    Thomas A. Yanac, Jr.

Información Biográfica

Do you have specific suggestions for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the office for which you are a candidate?

Mailing Address PO Box 532
Sciota, PA 18354
Campaign Phone (610) 894-1002
Campaign email edkmetz@coroner.us
Education ** Drexel University, BS Materials (Metallurgical) Engineering ** Ursinus College -- Graduate studies Japanese Language ** Asahi Cultural Center, Tokyo Japan -- Graduate studies Japanese Language ** Numerous courses and continuing education in automation, programming, networking, business management, human relations, emergency medicine, outdoor emergency care, CPR, mass casualty.
Current Occupation Small business owner, high-tech residential and commercial audio/video/automation; EMT / EMT Instructor.
Qualifications for Office ** Strong desire to help the residents of Monroe County by leveraging the Coroner's Office to reduce teen suicides and opioid overdoses. Begin a mission at the Coroner's office to help save lives... rather than only reacting once it's too late. ** Unrestricted by "that's the way it's always been done here." ** Impartial & Fair. Not part of the funeral home industry. ** EMT since 1977. ** EMT Instructor. ** Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor. ** Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor-Trainer. ** American Heart Association CPR Instructor. ** FEMA Trained in Mass Casualty Incident Command. ** Detail-oriented.
Please see the plan on our website www.coroner.us which you can visit for more details. In summary, Ed will: 1. Work with our county's school teachers, administrators, and counselors to speak to our students. Ed is an engaging public speaker and he will use his talents to talk with students about two of the most difficult and concerning topics of our time... teen suicides and opioid overdoses. 2. Ensure that all members of our community are treated fairly and equally, with respect and dedication to all. 3. Work closely with the first responders serving our county to make sure they are most effective and appreciated. 4. Bring appropriate technology to the coroner's office. 5. Effectively manage staff, eliminating any possibility of waste, fraud, and abuse. 6. Promote organ donation across all age groups. 7. Reach out to our county religious community leaders. 8. Develop a Coroner's Plan for mass casualties.
Campaign Phone (570) 579-8080
Campaign email tyanacformonroecountycoroner@gmail.com
Education Luzerne County Community College, Nanticoke, PA, Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA
Current Occupation Monroe County Coroner
Qualifications for Office Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Education Coroner's Course. As the acting Monroe County Coroner elected in 2017, my team and I have implemented significant positive change in all aspects of the Office including, but not limited to: ** Effectively managed consequences of abuse by previous administration, saving taxpayers millions of dollars, ** Resolved high staff turnover, ** Participates in fighting Opioid epidemic with the Pennsylvania DDAP Take-Back Program, ** Implemented central holding, saving time and money, ** Prepared plans for disaster emergency, including the Pandemic, ** Zero staff members contracted COVID-19, ** Developed cooperative working relationships with first responders, ** Networks with religious community leaders, ** Stayed under budget every year, ** Proactive in working with leadership to prevent loss of life.
It is my passion continue to be the voice for those who have lost theirs, to insure that the deceased are treated with honor, respect and dignity, and to provide honest answers and peace of mind to their families. I hope to continue to serve with compassion and fairness, and to seek out further avenues for efficient and accurate administrative operations. I am also looking forward to converting to electronic records by 2022 for an environmentally responsible future. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing to serve Monroe County.