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6 year term

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  • Joseph Rogan

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    Alma Ruiz Smith

  • Brian Visakay

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Do you have specific suggestions for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the office for which you are a candidate?

Campaign Phone (610) 365-7595
Campaign email VoteRogan@gmail.com
Education Waldorf University, Forrest City, IA — Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (Cum Laude), 2016. Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA- Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice, 2013
Qualifications for Office Served eight years as a constable for Coolbaugh Township. I went to homes and properties of all economic backgrounds in Coolbaugh for 8 years. I see how all sides are living. I bring a young fresh perspective with plenty of real world experience serving the people of Coolbaugh Township already. Former member of the township police study group. My bachelor degree is in, Criminal Justice Administration. Which were both courses in law enforcement, as well as business management. Graduation with that degree, was with honors (cum laude). My family has called Coolbaugh Township home for over three decades.
COVID has shown that the people need more options with lower fees, for good high speed internet. Work from home outside of a brick & mortar office was not a "fad", it's the future that rapidly came here today. We need supervisors that will work to bring more options for high speed internet--that will allow them to work from home, and have family attend school from home--among other modern needs. A competitive market place will benefit the consumers. The township supervisors need to build for a 21st Century future for generations to come.

Also, the township should have more transparency of supervisor meetings. And have at least an audio archive, if not video archive for the public to view at any time. Meeting minutes can only provide so much detail. An audio archive would be a clear transcript of all dialog from both elected officials, as well as the public. Coolbaugh needs 21st Century solutions, not 20th!!!
Campaign email airstwpsupervisor@gmail.com
Education Associates Degree - Management, Marketing, Public Relations
Current Occupation Coolbaugh Township Supervisor
Qualifications for Office Incumbent candidate for position as Coolbaugh Township Supervisor elected to serve starting January 1, 2016. My accomplishments and aspirations for the township speak for themselves. Check the Board of Supervisors bi-monthly meeting minutes and read first-hand where I stand on issues and how I continue to place first responders; residents' safety/welfare/security; and last but not least, policing of tax-payer dollars allocations and distribution, at the top of my priority list in performing my present duty as a current Township Supervisor. Add to that list my commitment to promote economic development by promoting Coolbaugh Township as an ideal location to build and develop corporate and professional businesses. I search to invite companies that offer family sustaining wages, and I promote a wealth of local skilled and talented pool of candidates ready to make themselves available for employment close to home. I am an experienced professional with a strong commitment to a career in politics, business administration and management. I possess extensive experience in administration, office operations and public relations. I have proven ability to orchestrate administrative and managerial projects to completion. Excellent interpersonal skills; able to develop rapport with high level management and subordinates. Work closely with local, state and federal legislators to provide assistance to high level governmental and corporate executives in the research, implementation and monitoring of economic development and infrastructural projects throughout Coolbaugh Township while applying the highest level of confidentiality and urgency where necessary. My civic contributions to the local municipality and to Monroe County at large demonstrates my wealth of experience and willingness to serve my community over the past 30 years as a Monroe County resident. Civic Affiliations – Past and Present - Burnley Workshop Employment and Rehabilitation Services – Board Member - Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services – Board Member - Pocono Mountain Regional Police Commission - Commissioner - Monroe County Council of Government – Coolbaugh Township BOS Representative - United Way of Monroe County, Advisory Board Member - LAANEPA (Latino Alliance of Northeast Pennsylvania), Vice President/Fundraising and Events Planner - RSVP of Monroe County (Retired Seniors Volunteer Program) Vice President/Fund raising and Events Planner - Mt. Pocono Downtown Association, President - Women’s Resources of Monroe County – Board Member - American Red Cross of the Poconos, Chair Missions Committee – Board Member Vice-Chairperson, Coolbaugh Township Planning Commission Chairperson, Coolbaugh Township Vacancy Board Board Member Property Owners Association Judge of Elections for Property Owners Association Contributing Writer for Property Owners Association Newsletter Bilingual in Spanish.
As a Marketing major in college, I was taught that you cannot sell a product you are not comprehensively familiar with. In other words, know your product before trying to market it. That of course is a metaphor I use in describing what an elected official should be well versed in. Have a strategic plan, Have a long range plan. Know your community, know your neighbors, know your commercial entities, know your geographical boundaries and limitations, know the strengths and weaknesses of your operations and administrative employees so you can best serve your residents, know your neighboring municipalities and their objectives. There is a saying which states, 'become a pillar of the community'. That is not enough. I believe one should be 'part of the fiber of the community'. Become part of the fabric of the community and be intimately familiar with the needs and essential services required to perform the duties of the job that are in fact paid for by the municipal tax payers.
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