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Delaware Water Gap Mayor

4 year term

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    Larry Freshcorn

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    Aubrey Levy

Información Biográfica

Do you have specific suggestions for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the office for which you are a candidate?

Campaign Phone (570) 476-0542
Campaign email Lbfresh@ptd.net
Education High School
Current Occupation Chemical Operator at the Vertellus chemical plant in Delaware Water Gap.
Qualifications for Office Current Mayor and public servant for 4 years. President, Delaware Water Gap Cemetery Assoc. 20 years. Borough Zoning Officer 15 years. Served on several committees within the Borough in the 35 years I’ve lived here.
What I’ve found is that I’m always learning something new every day, and working closely with Borough Council, surrounding communities, and with state and county officials is key. My specific suggestion is to always reach out to those officials when you need guidance. Each one of them have a different idea and/or a different connection to a solution for your needs. I also think it’s important to keep in mind that you are a public servant to the people that you represent. Stay close to them and listen to what they have to say and address their concerns. That should always be your main focus. A true leader is a someone who serves.
Campaign email AubreyLynnLevy@gmail.com
Education Stroudsburg High School American Red Cross Nurse Aide Program
Current Occupation Administrative Assistant to the Monroe County Superintendent;
Qualifications for Office I have worked in county government for over eleven years. During that time I have worked in a number of departments and acquired skills and training that would come in very handy as the Mayor of Delaware Water Gap. Some of these acquired skills include: Maintence staff management, staff assignment delegation, accounting for public resources and equipment, transparent public record keeping for work orders, assignments, duties, purchase orders, staff work hours. I am a liaison for outside departments, agencies, and vendors as well as all County Departments, including Emergency Management and The 911 Control Center. Management, delegation, accountability, transparency and the effect utility of Emergency Services are among the skills and qualifications I would like to bring to the office of Mayor of Delaware Water Gap.
The Mayor of the Borough of Delaware Water Gap is responsible the safety of the boroughs residents. As mayor I would like to institute a community policing program that facilitates a relationship between the borough police officers and the borough residents. This relationship would include the police going door to door to introduce themselves to the residents, it would also include information regarding the services the police provide and the schedule the officers work. My community policing program would encourage residents to ask questions and discuss concerns and issues they believe are or could be problematic for the borough. My community policing program would also include reporting in the borough newsletter of incidents, arrests, citations issued so the residents are aware of the work being accomplished, how their tax dollars are being spent and how they are being served. I want the residents to know their officers, their schedules, how to get them and what they do.