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East Stroudsburg Mayor

4 year term

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    Victor Brozusky

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    Joel Getz

  • Lisa VanWhy

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Do you have specific suggestions for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the office for which you are a candidate?

Campaign Phone (570) 807-6353
Campaign email brozuskyformayor@gmail.com
Education Bloomsburg University - Business Administration 2000
Current Occupation Sales Rep For the Moritz Embroidery Works East Stroudsburg PA
Qualifications for Office Past Council Member-East Stroudsburg-5th Ward Current Member East Stroudsburg Planning Commission Consistory President Zion UCC Stroudsburg
I am an open-minded person who feels to be efficient in any elected office you must work with all residents and I will promise to do what is best for the people of East Stroudsburg no matter their political beliefs. We are all Americans first and we all can find common ground to make East Stroudsburg an even better place to live than it already is. I will be available to all residents to hear their feelings about the borough, good and bad. Listening to what people need and expect from their elected officials is the only way to govern. I can promise you one thing I will never waiver from my core values to gain votes or to follow any party lines. I will always do what I feel is best for all.
Campaign Phone (484) 809-9780
Campaign email campaign@getz4mayor.com
Qualifications for Office Monroe County Libertarian Party Chair, Charity and fundraising experience, Logistics Experience
The mayor must be an active voice for the people of the borough, and not a silent observer. That’s what I promise to be if I am elected. I will actively work to improve the borough for ALL who live here.
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