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Mount Pocono Borough Mayor

4 year term

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    Randy Altemose

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    Michael Penn

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Education BS Civil Engineering
Current Occupation Senior Construction Manager
Qualifications for Office Lifelong resident of Mount Pocono.  Member of the Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company since 1975.  Held the Position of Fire Chief for 14 Years. Member of the Board of Directors for more than 10 Years  Chairman of the Annual Carnival Since 1983  Mount Pocono Emergency Management Coordinator from 1993 to 2019  Previously on Planning Commission for over 10 years, (4 years as the Chairman).  Parks & Recreation for over 14 years.  Girls Softball Coach since 1995  Retired in November 2020 from PennDOT as an Assistant Construction Manger after 35 years.  Responsible for overseeing Highway & Bridge Construction Projects in the $200,000 to $30 Million range in Monroe, Carbon, Schuylkill, Northampton, Lehigh & Berks Counties.  I’m running for Mayor of Mount Pocono to preserve the character of the Borough while being fiscally responsible and living within the Borough’s means. I’ll work to provide a safe and friendly community atmosphere for both new and longtime residents. My past experiences provides me with the ability to balance the need for the inevitable growth of the Borough and the desire to keep things the way it used to be, the past is in the past and we can never go backwards, but we can do our best to grow in a responsible and controlled way to meet the needs of residents, visitors and businesses alike. Life is a compromise, no one gets what they want all the time, as long as we work together towards the common good and respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their the opinion, there is almost always a road to a mutually acceptable compromise. As long as it’s a two-way street.
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Campaign Phone (917) 386-3478
Campaign email michael.penn@me.com
Education NYU, Master of Science, Publishing - University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts, Neuroscience/Biological Basis of Behavior - West Perry High School, Valedictorian
Current Occupation Mayor, Mount Pocono Borough / Entrepreneur & Business Developer
Qualifications for Office Current Mayor of Mount Pocono Borough - Problem-Solver - Leader - Hard-Worker - Stand for and Vote on Principle - Willing to Make Tough Decisions - Advocate and Ambassador for Residents of Mount Pocono and for Good Ideas - Balanced First Budget in Mount Pocono in Decades - Pocono Mountain Regional Police Commissioner - Mount Pocono Planning Commission Chairperson - Mount Pocono Municipal Authority Boardmember - Pocono Mountain Regional EMS Boardmember (former). PRIVATE SECTOR EXPERIENCE: 26 years managing budgets, people, and multimillion-dollar portfolios at global corporations - Have traveled the United States and the world, bringing back IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS to problems we face every day.
IDEAS & SOLUTIONS (1) Continue to MODERNIZE Mount Pocono’s local government to better serve residents – Keep breaking up local cronyism and the old-time network – Keep fighting corruption and personal gain over the Safety of Residents – Keep balancing Mount Pocono’s budget and keep spending on track (fiscal responsibility) (2) REVITALIZE Mount Pocono – Economically & Aesthetically – Develop Small Businesses Downtown & New Businesses in our Commercial District – Bring in Arts & Culture (they drive the local economy) – Upgrade Infrastructure & Walkability (including Sidewalks) – Improve Safety – Add Parks & Open Space (3) Fight for PROPERTY TAX RELIEF – Promote balanced budgets & fiscal responsibility – Grants, Grants, Grants (Mount Pocono has not received grants in decades) – Advocate for policies in Harrisburg that would help lower local and school taxes (4) Bring CIVILITY, UNITY & PRIDE to Mount Pocono – Open dialogue and free exchange of ideas – Advance common ground & work together.