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Lane Education Service District Position 3 Zone 3

Special districts in Oregon are formed to govern specific resources. Examples are people’s utility districts, library districts, sewer districts, irrigation districts, ports and cemetery districts. Some districts get revenue only from taxes. Others, such as water districts, get revenue from ratepayers. Others may combine the two sources. Each district is governed by a board of directors which is responsible for the operation of the district and its financial accountability. ( https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/198.010 )Qualifications: Candidate must be a registered voter and a resident of the district for 1 year. Employees of the district are not eligible. ORS 334.090(5) and (6)Salary: A member of the governing body of a district may receive an amount not to exceed $50 for each day or portion thereof as compensation for services performed as a member of the governing body. Such compensation shall not be deemed lucrative. The governing body may provide for reimbursement of a member for actual and reasonable traveling and other expenses necessarily incurred by a member in performing official duties. [1971 c.403 §2; 1983 c.327 §2; 1983 c.740 §53a; 1989 c.517 §1; 1995 c.79 §74]In Event of Vacancy: Except as otherwise provided by law, a vacancy in an elected office in the membership of the governing body of a district shall be filled by appointment by a majority of the remaining members of the governing body. If a majority of the membership of the governing body is vacant or if a majority cannot agree, the vacancies shall be filled promptly by the county court of the county in which the administrative office of the district is located. [ORS 198.320]

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    Rose I Wilde

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The District provides a wide range of important services to school districts and students. Describe one or two functions of the Education Service District that offer you an opportunity to address challenges faced by students because of the pandemic.

Voters are often less familiar with the functions of the Education Service Districts than they are with their local school districts. What specifically motivated you to serve on the ESD Board?

Outline your plan to use District funding as efficiently as possible to provide necessary services to as many students as possible.

El Distrito proporciona una amplia gama de importantes servicios a los distritos escolares y al estudiantado. Describa una o dos funciones del Distrito de Servicios Educativos con las que usted pueda atender los desafíos que enfrenta el sector estudiantil debido a la pandemia.

La población votante suele no estar tan enterada de las funciones de los Distritos de Servicios Educativos como de sus distritos escolares locales. ¿Qué le motivó específicamente para trabajar en la Junta de Servicios Educativos del Distrito?

Mencione un plan para usar el financiamiento de los Distritos de la manera más eficiente posible para proporcionar los servicios necesarios a la mayor cantidad posible de estudiantes.

Campaign Address PO Box 336
Eugene, OR 97440
Web Site (leave blank if not applicable) http://www.friendsofrosewilde.com
Town Where You Live Eugene
Your Experience/Qualificatons Lane ESD Board Member 2013-2021 Oregon Association of ESDs Chair, 2020-2021 LESD Board Chair 2017-2019 Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) Legislative Comte Member 2015-2019 Lane County Budget Committee 2008-2014 and chair 2011-2014 Conference Presentation at: OSBA Conference 2020; Oregon Education Association Conference 2020; Eugene Education Association Winter Seminar (2019, 2020)
County Lane
Term 2021-2025
Lane ESD provides support to every school district in Lane County to adapt to the changing circumstances of the pandemic, and also in non-pandemic times. We shifted our focus from implementing new programs under the Student Success Act to supporting educators to plan and implement their distance learning programs, including training teachers on online instruction strategies and technology. We also help school districts plan safe re-opening processes to protect students and staff from infection, including how to handle exposures and hygiene and cleaning practices to prevent transmission. This summer, we will help local districts offer summer Career and Technical education programs to support student completion learning interrupted by the pandemic in an engaging and hands-on environment.
Lane ESD serves all 16 of our local school districts, both large and small, with services tailored specifically to that district, but leveraging the greater knowledge that comes from collaboration with all the districts and the econmies of scale available when we collaborate. Lane ESD is also the place where not only our local districts, but also our early learning, high ed, and business partners meet to develop innovative programs to meet community needs that intersect with education, economic opportunities, and community needs. I especially enjoy the opportunity to support my colleagues on local boards to deepen their knowledge and commitment to equity and inclusion - a shared value that requires learning, listening, and flexibility to meet the specific and unique needs of each school community.
Lane ESD is highly efficient because we leverage the resources of 16 school districts to make collaborative regional plans and programs that benefit all the students in the county. My contribution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our district is through my role in governance and monitoring. As we develop a new strategic plan in the next year, I will advocate for tangible, measurable, and meaningful outcomes that we will monitor as a board continuously to assure our efforts have tangible results. I will also ensure that our budget reflects the necessary investments to achieve the vision of our new strategic plan. However, one board member can advocate, but must also persuade the rest of the board, and the superintendent, to support those actions. My positive relationships with my fellow board members and the staff at Lane ESD will help me communicate effectively.
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