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Erie County Council 6th District

Role:Erie County Council is the legislative branch of Erie County government. Council is responsible for passing the county budget, which in 2020 was about $455 million. Council, acting as the County Board of Elections, oversees Erie County's Elections and Voting offices.Term: 4 Year Salary: $10,868.

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  • Samuel Charles Bayle IV

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    Lydia Laythe

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What do you think your participation on County Council would lend to Erie County Economic Recovery (Covid and otherwise)?

Why are you running for County Council...What other ways will your presence on County Council impact the citizens of Erie County?

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Education Fort Leboeuf High School Graduate 30 required credits for PA State Police 30 communication credits for Army Broadcast Journalism schooling. Graduate Army Basic Training 5 different Military Occupational Specialties and dozens of Military schools. PA corrections, Liquor Enforcement & PSP Academies
Qualifications Retired Army (26 years) held positions from E-1 to Acting First Sergeant. Experience in Logistics and Public Affairs Broadcast Journalist. State Police CPL Retired, 25 years with time as PA Corrections Ofc. & Bureau of Liqour Control Enforcement. Years of critical incident managment & supervision.
Endorsements Have not sought any endorsements.
I provide a no nonsense, common sense approach to spending. Erie County is set to receive a little more than 50 million dollars from the government to aid in the recovery of Covid. That money needs to pay down some existing debt and be channeled back to viable businesses decimated by the loss of revenue during the pandemic. This will help insure their success and help to provide a continued revenue stream for Erie County. As a government employee at the state and federal level, I have always tried to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars. I've always viewed it from the standpoint that the money is coming out of my paycheck, as well as those of friends and family. A lot of politicians have an easy time spending someone else's money,
I'm running for County Council because the taxpayers of my district (6) deserve better representation from a proven leader. My belief is that we aren't receiving that from my opponent. He voted in favor of the Community College and for a personal pay raise. Two things from a long list that I wouldn't support and feel the majority of voters in my district would oppose as well. Taxpayers don't need a person that makes promises, they need someone who will roll up their sleeves, provide a strong voice and take action. I've proven I can do all of those things with my decades of experience as an Army Soldier and State Trooper. I know if elected I can be a clear and concise voice of reason needed to make tough decisions on behalf of taxpayers
Education Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from University of Portland; Master's Degree in Social Work from Edinboro University
Qualifications Trauma therapist to kids and teens, as well as previously incarcerated men; community organizer in southern Erie and northern Crawford counties; Trauma & Addiction program coordinator at the Erie Field Office for the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants; Washington Township Councilperson
Endorsements Students of Edinboro for Environmental Defense (SEED); Run for Something;
Amidst COVID and the in the wake of it, businesses and communities have become more acutely aware of the importance creative problem-solving, community support, and preventative policy & action (for public health, and otherwise). Whether I'm working as a therapist or community organizer - I always need to be able to listen, bring a fresh perspective & new ideas, ask questions and engage critical thinking & reflection, encourage flexibility and creativity in all my work. Oftentimes, when we ask the same people to solve a problem, they can only generate the same solutions they always have, the same solutions that only work for a small few. Sometimes all a stagnant process needs is a fresh perspective and creative problem-solving.
I will be the only trauma therapist & social worker to sit on Erie County Council. No one on Council has the depth or breadth of knowledge and experience I can bring to Council in regards to the lived experiences of so many of our County residents - from families struggling with abuse or poverty, to previously incarcerated folks trying to recover and reintegrate into their communities, to people overcoming mental illness or addiction. I won't claim to know everything - but I've seen a lot of the challenges, strengths, and needs of our County in ways many others will never know. I know I can leverage that knowledge - coupled with my skills as a social worker and community organizer, to be a true ally and advocate for the people.