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Erie County Clerk of Records

Erie County Clerk of Records Role: The Erie County Clerk is the official registrar of deeds, mortgages, assignments of mortgages, satisfactions of mortgages, judgments and liens. The clerk has the duty of indexing and preserving these documents.Term: 4 Year TermSalary: $82,866.

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  • Ed DiMattio

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    Aubrea Haggerty Haynes

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What experience would you bring to the office of the County Clerk of records, and what improvements would you consider?

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Education Associate Degree - Executive Legal Administrative Assistant
Qualifications I starting with the DA in 1999 and moved to the Clerk of Records in 2005. I knew there was chance for advancement. I was told to make myself a valuable employee, someone that can’t be replaced so that’s what I tried to do. Over the years, I was promoted and my career path changed, working my way up.
Endorsements Current Clerk of Records Ken Gamble, Esquire, District Attorney Jack Daneri, Former Clerk of Records Pat Fetzner, several attorneys, and local businesses
The Clerk of Records is often overlooked and big moments of people’s lives will come through these offices. Purchasing a home or receiving your marriage license shouldn’t be slowed or stalled because of inefficiencies. Our next COR must have the technical training and competency of how our local government works in order to keep everyone’s lives moving forward. The right COR doesn’t just need to know the technical aspects, but also have the temperament and proper leadership qualities to support the dedicated public servants in these roles. This position isn’t about forging a new direction, but it’s dedicating yourself to serving the interests of your neighbors, running things smoothly and accurate. I am the only candidate qualified.