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Erie County Sheriff

Role:The sheriff is elected for the position and their duties include maintaining county jails, policing unincorporated areas, serving warrants and court papers and providing security to courts in the county. In some areas the Sheriff may also be responsible for evictions or seizing property upon court orders.Term: 4 YearSalary: $77,922.

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    Chris Campanelli

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    Brian Shank

Información Biográfica

Assess the recent performance of the sheriff's department; would you keep it on the same direction or change course?

What changes would you make?

Education PA Act 120 Police Academy PA Act 2 Deputy Sheriff Academy
Qualifications 25 Years at Erie County Sheriff's Office 4 Years to present serving as Captain US Marine Corps Veteran
Endorsements Sheriff John Loomis (as well as 7 PA Sheriffs) I.A.M Local 1211 Erie, PA Jim Wertz Erie County Democratic Chairman
I believe with any change of Sheriff comes the opportunity to create a more positive direction for the office, public relations and maintaining fiscal responsibility.
Increase deputy training in areas to improve the ability to interact with all the diverse communities in our County. Improvements toward being more proactive vs. reactive regarding safety and security of the Courthouse and County buildings. I look forward to expanding our participation with the Erie Police Department and the P.A.L.S. Program to reach out to our City and County youth. Another ambition is to strengthen the communities trust in law enforcement in general.
Education Harborcreek High School 1981, US Army M.P. School, Los Medanos Police Academy, DOC CERT team ( SWAT ), DOC FERT team ( FIRE )
Qualifications US Army Military Police Officer, Pittsburg CA Police Officer, PA Dept of Corrections Officer of 20 years, volunteer fire police officer
Endorsements Gun Owners of America, Firearms Owners Against Crime, Open Carry PA, Bob's Gun Shop, Numerous retired members of PSP & Erie PD. For a more complete listing of endorsements please see my website.
The current sheriff department needs changes made. It need some modernization of training and equipment including more Use of Force training. We also need to take into account all the different cultures we have in Erie County. With the proper training we can break down the cultural barriers we have today.
I have talked in depth with many deputy's and have identified several major issues that need changed. As a fire police officer with the Fairfield hose company, I was shocked and disappointed to discover the Sheriffs department patrol vehicles are not equipped with fire extinguishers or first aids kits. The second major issue is that our county deputies do not have body cameras. Most modern day sheriff departments are equipped with body cameras and have cameras installed in their vehicles. A body camera is worth its weight in gold if a deputy has to use force. A simple body cam video could prove the deputy acted properly and potentially save the taxpayers millions in litigation expenses.