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City of Erie Mayor

Role:Traditionally, mayors oversee a city's main departments, including the police, fire, education, housing and transportation departments.Term: 4 YearSalary: $150.417.

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    Joe Schember

Información Biográfica

How can you as the Mayor of Erie facilitate bringing good paying jobs to city residents in the current depressed economy?

How do you foresee your working relationship with the new County Executive?

Education BA In English from Gannon College MA in English from University of Dayton, MBA from Gannon University. Finished first in my class in the 3 year Executive Banking program at Bucknell University. Taught at UPENN, Georgetown, and PSU. Attended Harvard University's newly elected mayors program in 2017.
Qualifications Worked 40 years in financial services. Taught college classes for 30 years. Volunteered and Supported over 50 local non-profits. Managed 60 PNC bank branches in Northwest PA supervising hundreds of staff. During the last 13 years of my career, I was consistently in the top 10% of high performers.
Endorsements County Exec. Kathy Dahlkemper, Mayor Joyce Savocchio, Rep. Pat Harkins, Liz Allen, Mel Witherspoon, Kathy Schaaf, Dave Brennan, AFSCME Union, Erie Fire Fighters, Roger Richards, Rick Griffith, Bishop Dwane Brock, Gary Horton, Shantel Hilliard, James Sherrod, IUPAT DC57, SteamFitters, Joel Dueterman
Bringing jobs & people to Erie is my major focus. My team & I want thriving small businesses & high-tech jobs here. We’ve brought in $50M in grants & created 3 new programs: Flagship, Commodore, & Façade. Additional new initiatives include: Doubled the City Revolving Loan Funds for businesses to $13.7M; Started KIVA, that makes no fee/interest start-up business loans; Implemented LERTA - resulting in $85M investments to date; Secured 8 Opportunity Zones; Sponsored the Thrive program - free 1:1 mentoring, technical assistance, educational seminars, & networking events; Provided CDBG Funding to local organizations that mentor entrepreneurs & businesses-The Erie Regional Manufacturing Partnership training program and the Gannon SBDC.
The population of the City makes up about one-third of the County so we are important partners. I meet every other week with the current County Executive. We always have open, honest conversations. We usually talk through all options and come to an agreement on the best approach to serve our residents. When occasionally we don’t agree, we discuss our different points of view and usually come up with a better approach. I believe it is important to continue this open communication with whoever is elected. I will reach out, welcome them to the role and build a positive working relationship to provide the best possible service for all City and County residents.