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Pittsburgh Member of Council District 4

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    Anthony Coghill

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    Connor T Mulvaney

Información Biográfica

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What role do you see for your municipal government in interacting with Allegheny County Council?

How would you propose addressing the water, air quality and other infrastructure concerns of your residents?

Last Name Coghill
First Name Anthony
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ReElectAnthonyCoghill
District Pittsburgh City Council District 4
Education Brashear High School
Qualifications for office I have been involved in public service since 2005 when I began working for State Senator Wayne Fontana and since then have become Chair of the 19th Ward of the Allegheny County Democratic Party. I have also been hard at work the last three years as the current City Councilmember.
• Continue re investing in our public works department by right sizing the fleet and making sure that our employees have the right equipment they need to do their jobs.

• Creating economic opportunities for all residents is another top priority for me. By focusing on supporting and promoting small businesses we foster economic growth that benefits the community with thriving business districts and small businesses owned by neighborhood residents.

• I will also continue advocating for and improving our parks. I led the fight against the disastrous Parks Tax and made sure this money would stay in the control of taxpayers. I have also made countless improvements to our parks by steering investment into facilities and equipment.
I see the role between the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Council as one of cooperation. I have a great relationship with Councilman Palmosina and have been able to work cooperatively with him anytime I’ve needed assistance. I have said before that I am always willing to work with anyone who wants to help improve District 4 and I mean that.
I’ve been working hard to address these concerns and because of the partnerships I have formed the infrastructure needs in the district have been getting addressed in ways that didn’t happen under the previous Councilperson.

I intend to keep fostering these partnerships with other elected officials as well because many of these problems cannot be solved by a single individual, but by bringing together of team of people willing to work towards solving complicated issues. By partnering with our State and Regional leaders we can identify sources of funding and enforcement that will continue to see improvements in our regions water and air quality.
Last Name Mulvaney
First Name Connor
Middle Name Thomas
Campaign Web Site http://connor4pgh.com
Facebook @connorforpgh
twitter @ConnorMulvaney
District 4
Education BA from Point Park University, 2015 MSUS from Chatham University, 2019
Qualifications for office Co-founder of South Hills Safe Streets, Worked on the Re-Imagine Beaver County project
I will fight for a city budget that reflects the needs of its residents. My campaign has been surveying residents about the issues they care about and I will continue to listen to them after assuming office, even if that means physically bringing them into the City County Building to have their voices heard directly. I will also address our dangerous crumbling and poorly designed infrastructure so that it is safe and easy to use for all residents, whether they be pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorists. We also need to prepare our city for future public health, environmental, and economic crises by ensuring all residents have basic necessities (healthcare, housing, clean air/water) and our neighborhoods have sustainable local economies.
With Pittsburgh being the largest population and economic center in Allegheny County, it’s only natural that Pittsburgh’s City Council should work closely with the County government. In particular, I would push the County to invest more in transit, expanding it, electrifying it, and making it more accessible for people with disabilities.
We need to accelerate the work on removing lead from our water and defending our public utilities from threats of privatisation. As a City Councilperson I would advocate for stronger regulations on the big industrial polluters in our region which contribute the most to our ongoing air pollution crisis. In the city, we can work on lowering the combined emissions of vehicles. We also have an immense issue with flooding and combined sewer overflow. We can reduce these issues in a major way by implementing green infrastructure. Finally, we need to repair and replace the roads, sidewalks, and steps that have been neglected and crumbling for years. These are immense safety hazards to the public and make getting around difficult and dangerous.