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Pittsburgh Member of Council District 8

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    Erika Strassburger

Información Biográfica

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What role do you see for your municipal government in interacting with Allegheny County Council?

How would you propose addressing the water, air quality and other infrastructure concerns of your residents?

Last Name Strassburger
First Name Erika
Campaign Web Site http://voteerika.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/erikaforcouncil
twitter https://twitter.com/erikastrassbrgr
District 8
Education Bucknell University, degrees in Environmental Studies and International Relations
Qualifications for office Environment advocate for 9+ years w/ Penn Environment and New Hampshire Environment Former Chief of Staff to Councilperson Gilman 2 years as District 8 Councilperson Vice-Chair of PWSA
It is my responsibility in part to help restore public trust by creating an office where constituents can voice their opinions, hear from their Council Member regularly, and can trust her words while feeling seen and respected. I aim to set an example for other City officials to become more transparent. Second, I will fight for a future of policies and inclusive job opportunities in our region that contribute to healthy air and water with fair wages for workers. Third, I will continue passing legislation and advocating at other levels of government to ensure everyone is treated equally.
I will focus on environmental justice, improving our public schools, and ensuring our economy works for everyone. Our most marginalized communities are victims of gross environmental mistreatment by big corporations. We need legislation and enforcement to improve water and air quality no matter your zip code. Our public schools show clear opportunity gaps for children of color and of low income—Council needs to work with the School Board to share resources in order to create a more just educational system. Finally, I plan to provide uplift small businesses owned by women, LGBT+ and BIPOC folx.
We need to focus more on underlying causes of crime and violence as opposed to the symptoms. In part, this can be accomplished by creating alternatives to policing such as training other first responders to respond to matters involving drug addiction, mental health emergencies, and more. All in all, we need a shift away from policing as we know it altogether. To do this, states and cities need more control over who is hired, disciplined, and fired, and what the culture of police forces prioritizes. The future version cannot take hold while police unions wield as much power as they do.