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Pennsylvania House District 60

In Pennsylvania, the legislative branch of government is composed of two houses:The Senate is the upper house and the General Assembly is the lower house. A majority vote by both houses is necessary to pass a law.Term: 2 years Next election 2022Salary: $90,300

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    Andrew Hreha

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    Abby Major

  • Frank C Prazenica Jr

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What are the key issues that you want to pursue for the citizens of this legislative district?

If you are elected, how would you go about reducing the negative impacts of angry partisanship among our legislators, paired with low voter trust in government?

Last Name Hreha
First Name Andrew
Middle Name Michael
Age 22
Campaign Web Site http://amh4liberty.com
Education Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Waynesburg University (May 2, 2021)
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AMH4Liberty/
Twitter https://twitter.com/amh4liberty?s=21
District PA House 60th District
We need to ensure that the ballot referendums to limit the Governor’s emergency powers are a first step, not just a one time reduction. I will work to continue limiting the power of the executive, then work to limit the powers of the legislature.

Our God given right to self defense needs to be locked down at the state level. As many counties adopt language as 2A Sanctuaries, I will push for this language at the state level, making all of PA a 2A Sanctuary.

State Reps make 90k/year in PA as the people they serve suffer under economic regulations. If elected, I will donate 1/3 of my salary to charities and voluntary programs in the 60th that directly improve the lives of others, encouraging my peers in the Assembly to do the same.
The two party system has torn our nation and our state in half with dangerous rhetoric. As an elected Libertarian, I will work with both sides of the aisle to reduce government and increase liberty. I will also be independent of their partisan control, able to hold both sides accountable when they do not side with the people of PA. I will raise the accountability of our elected officials, reporting to my constituents the actions of our legislature and making it clear to the general public where other members of the General Assembly stand on issues.
Last Name Major
First Name Abby
Age 36
Campaign Web Site http://www.majorforpa.com
Education Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mortuary Science and Funeral Service
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MajorForPA
District 60th Legislative District
Watching and working with former Representative Jeff Pyle as his Chief of Staff for over 10 years, I have learned that the best way to represent people is to make their issues MY issues and to help anywhere I can. Growing up in this area, working here, and raising my daughter here, I already know the issues we face as a community. I will fight to hold the line on taxes and work to lower them, especially property taxes. We need access to good family sustaining jobs and I will work with the business community to continue to drive industry here while maintaining quality schools so we are preparing our children for their future.
These days it can be hard to escape the corners we have been pushed into through politics, media, and social media. It seems like our elected officials do more fighting for sound bites than for legislation that will actually help. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I learned the value of being a good neighbor and doing what's right for others. I plan to take this mentality to Harrisburg. We need leaders who will respect those around them and be willing to listen to others while fighting for the issues important to the people they represent. I plan to be that type of leader. While voter trust may be low, I believe if our elected officials lead by example, we can rebuild the trust of the people that have chosen us to represent them.
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