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Magisterial District Judge 32-2-53

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    Lisa C. Lacianca

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    Elysia J. Mancini Duerr

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What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

Campaign Phone (484) 282-0994
Facebook facebook.com/JudgeLisaLacianca
1. I will continue to provide a fair, independent, and neutral court and continue to work towards a justice system that serves our community. I will continue to give all who enter the court the opportunity be fully heard and will continue to treat all who enter with respect and without bias. 2. I will continue to provide alternative resolutions to court matters where appropriate, such as referrals to second chance court for opioid issues, community service sentences, anger management classes, underage drinking classes, community mediation alternative sentencing options, and conflict resolution. 3. I will continue to engage with the Haverford Township community to endeavor to understand the issues of concern to the residents. I will continue to teach the young people of this community about the law, the role of the courts, and the importance of an independent judiciary as a cornerstone of our democracy.
Campaign Phone (267) 357-4735
Campaign Website Duerr4MDJ.com
Facebook @Duerr4MDJ
1. I would like to be a full time judge, taking the time for each case that may be needed. Currently, the position is being managed part-time, with cases only being heard a few days a week, but for full time pay, and I do not feel that is equitable. Working five days a week is a top priority for me. 2. I have Democratic values about criminal justice reform, and would apply these values to: issuing alternative sentencing like community service when appropriate, considering releasing persons who are not a danger to the community on their own recognizance rather than applying cash bail when appropriate, and generally considering restorative justice rather than punitive justice when appropriate. 3. I would want to be a resource to the community for matters that come before the bench such as: rental assistance for persons facing eviction, traffic safety information, getting persons help for disability, mental illness and substance abuse.