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    Rachel Holbert

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    Robert Kelly

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What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

Campaign Phone (215) 510-3599
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=Rachel%20Holbert%20for%20WSSD
The first is restoring trust in our school district among parents and the community. This past year tested all of us and required a lot of creative thinking – but the evolving nature of the solutions often weren’t well-communicated to parents or community members. It is imperative that the district regains the community’s trust, and the school board can play an active role in ensuring that communication is clear and decisions are transparent.

The second issue is the district’s finances. After running a structural deficit for the past several years, the Board will need to make some hard decisions regarding expenses, finding additional revenue, and refinancing. Again, trust and communication will be essential as the Board works with those involved in the schools, as well as the community.

Finally, I support an ongoing, long-term diversity, equity, and inclusion effort throughout all our schools, where people of all differences feel understood and encouraged.
Campaign Phone (302) 547-5342
1.Restore community trust in WSSD and build a more inclusive environment 2. Maintain high educational standards while addressing the disproportionate tax burden - especially on seniors and lower income families. 3. Safely return students to school to improve their physical and mental wellness.