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  • Linda Dowd

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    Ken Frohlich

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What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

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Radnor Treasurer priorities: 1. Consistently utilize the sound financial controls and responsible management practices I learned working for over twenty-five years in financial and executive management positions. I have been responsible for Treasury functions with huge budgets and for Compliance Departments and Controllers Departments that dealt with ethical responsibilities. I have seen the benefits of strong controls and disciplined management practices. These are important to keep our community the special place that it is. 2. Insure that decisions are open for inspection, review and audit. Be available and responsive to Township residents. Positions of public trust require transparency and responsiveness as basic principles. 3. Perform all duties in a non-partisan manner. This position has been held by the Republican Party for decades. Change is healthy. I will make all decisions in the best interest of all residents in our Township, uninfluenced by partisanship bias.