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    Dave Mccann

  • Dave Mccann

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What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

Campaign Website https://mediarepublicans.com/candidates/media-borough-candidates/
Facebook https://m.facebook.com/mediarepublicans/
1. The elected Constable post in Media Borough is vacant. As a result, the work of our local court has been handled by Constables from other towns. It is my intention to serve as a resource for our local court and be an asset to our Media community.

2. The pandemic has significantly affected our local courts, including causing quite a backlog. As we head towards full reopening, I would like to help with the transition of the courts and public as we navigate our way through the challenging times we’ve faced. And I recognize the tough times those facing court matters have endured and will carry out my duties with compassion.

3. I will attempt to have future Constable candidates be permitted to cross file in the primary. Judicial & School Board candidates are permitted to do this. Constables are law enforcement officers who primarily serve the courts. The nature of the job demands an independent/impartial role. Constable candidates should be independent of a lone political party.
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