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Borough of Bethel Park Member of Council Ward 3

BOROUGH COUNCILJOB DESCRIPTION: The Borough Council implements the legislative and executive functions of the Borough, including the adoption of a budget and levying of taxes.

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    Danielle Gosnell

  • John Oakes

Información Biográfica

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What role do you see for your municipal government in interacting with Allegheny County Council?

How would you propose addressing the water, air quality and other infrastructure concerns of your residents?

Last Name Gosnell
First Name Danielle
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/daniellegosnellbethelpark
Education California University of Pennsylvania, California, Master of Science in Legal Studies, Law & Public Policy; Point Park University, Master in Business Administration, Management; Point Park University, Bachelors in Business
Qualifications for office I feel with my professional, philanthropic, & personal knowledge: I’d be a perfect candidate to serve Bethel Park!
1.)Building a safer and more desirable community to live and promote new businesses: this includes sidewalks, a more robust recreation programs for residents of all ages, & promoting economic growth with a "downtown Bethel Park" and giving the Industrial Park a face lift. 2.)Transparency & Personal Accountability-This also includes implementing an anti-nepotism policy within the municipal hiring and bidding process. Personal accountability means reaching out to the residents of Ward 3 for feedback and actually listening to their needs. 3.) Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion-I want to ensure Bethel Park is a welcoming community regardless of race, gender, socio economic status, etc. This will only strengthen our community.
It’s really important for County and Municipal Council members to maintain a good line of communication. When constituents reach out on a County matter, I would pass that info along to their respective County Council representative. Municipalities are often recipients of county funding. The County receives the funding from the Federal and State Government in which they disperse to various municipalities. Having healthy communication between the two often helps expedite those grants. I would also encourage County Council to attend regular council meeting so they are fully aware of the hurdles and achievements we are accomplishing at a municipal level.
Bethel Park experienced devastating floods in 2018. I will continue working on the swale behind the houses on Thunderwood Drive to divert water to the detention pond before it hits the street to improve flooding as well as other food zones within Bethel Park. I would also implement other “clean and green” initiative to Bethel Park Residents.
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