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Borough of Bethel Park Member of Council Ward 9

BOROUGH COUNCILJOB DESCRIPTION: The Borough Council implements the legislative and executive functions of the Borough, including the adoption of a budget and levying of taxes.

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    Lindsay Flinn

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    Justin Tiano

Información Biográfica

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What role do you see for your municipal government in interacting with Allegheny County Council?

How would you propose addressing the water, air quality and other infrastructure concerns of your residents?

Last Name Flinn
First Name Lindsay
Facebook @LindsayFlinnBethelPark
District Bethel Park Ward 9 District 1
Education Master of Arts in Higher Education, Geneva College; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Geneva College
Qualifications for office • Bethel Park resident for 13 years • Parent of two young children in the district; Current PTO Head Room Parent • Over a decade of experience in Student Development & the Service Industry • Diplomatic, open-minded, & collaborative • Creative problem solver, excellent mediator, & community advocate
My top three priorities are: 1.) Clear communication & transparent access to municipal information 2.) Foster a safer & more well-connected community for all residents and neighbors 3.) Encourage & create “third place” community gathering spaces in Bethel Park
It is essential to have a good working relationship between councils. I want to be able to connect my community members to the correct Allegheny County Councilperson when necessary. There will be times when Bethel Park Council will need to collaborate with Allegheny County Council on projects of funding, public works, roads, etc. I am prepared to work together with our District 5 Council Representative.
Flooding is a central concern for Ward 9. The flood of June 2018 was devastating to our community. Currently, there are plans in place for a swale, a stormwater pipe, and a small detention area in our ward. Proactive measures will help property owners control excess stormwater runoff. Educating citizens on green solutions such as rain barrels, rain gardens, or porous pavement will help combat flooding.
Last Name Tiano
First Name Justin
Middle Name Nicholas
Facebook @tiano4council
District Bethel Park Ward 9 District 3
Education BS in Applied Mathematics at Penn State University
Qualifications for office I am a 15 year business owner; current secretary of the BP Republican Committee and an active volunteer for my local community. I am hard working, organized, and a good communicator. I’m familiar with how council is managed, and know people in the community with whom I can work to get jobs done.
Continued support for first responders

Fiscal responsibility to maintain low tax rates for residents

Transparency of government by notifying residents of what is happening in the borough, and address residents concerns to the government
The local Municipal government relationship with Allegheny County Council should be a mutual one. There should be a good line of communication between the two bodies. Allegheny Council should use local government as a resource to find out what is happening throughout the county. Then use that information to make necessary policies. Once a new policy is enacted by the county, it is up to the local council to adopt it, or modify it to fit the locality as each borough in the county is different.
I would address all concerns of residents the same. Determine what the concern of the resident is, then speak with the expert as hired by the borough to determine what action plan is needed to address the concern, as well as discuss it with other council members to see if other areas of the borough have the same issue and we can work together to solve a bigger problem.