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Greenwich Selectmen

BOARD OF SELECTMENSELECTMENPART-TIME SALARIED 2-YEAR TERM Vote for 1Two Selectmen and the First Selectman comprise the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen appoints and nominates many Town officials and committee members (often subject to RTM approval). The Board of Selectmen may initiate changes in the Town Charter and acts as the Parking and Traffic Authority for the Town. Note: The votes cast for an unsuccessful candidate for First Selectman shall be counted as votes for such candidate as a Selectman. The two highest vote getters from the Selectman race (including votes for losing candidates from the First Selectman race) will serve on the Board of Selectmen. Not more than two members of the Board of Selectmen may be members of the same political party.

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    Janet Stone McGuigan

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    Lauren Rabin

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The Board of Selectmen acts as the Parking and Traffic Authority for the Town. How would you work with the Board and Town Departments to get more parking on or near Greenwich Avenue, since spaces have been lost due to outside dining and the Elm Street bump out? (600 character limit)

What would you change to make the Town Government operate more effectively in the next two years? (600 character limit)

How would you work with the First Selectman to reduce the traffic and noise on I95? (600 character limit)

RTM member, Community Centers, Inc. board member, Junior League sustainer advisor; past Greenwich LWV and PTA Council board member; former associate for Resolve: Center for Dispute Resolution and Resources for the Future, European Commission intern; BS/BA Cornell, MPP Harvard Kennedy School.
Developing creative solutions with community input will go far to solve the parking problem at little cost. We should heed community feedback to assess the existing bump outs before building any more. Maybe outside dining should be seasonal. More parking would be great but we must also ease demand. Merchants and neighborhood residents may buy municipal parking lot permits but many permits are still available which indicates the permit fee should go down. More traffic control would also help. We love our school crossing guards, I would look into hiring crossing guards for the Avenue.
It’s time to reintroduce the capital improvement plan to the budget process. We need to foster community discourse about budget priorities and options and make sure these conversations include a broad range of perspectives. One of the Town’s greatest assets is its residents; the more we allow for public involvement, the better we are for it. To the extent public meetings can include a Zoom option, that will greatly increase engagement. Attendance numbers from the last eighteen months prove it. At times the public process can be challenging but the robust outcome that results is worth it.
We will work to elevate the Town’s demands to Hartford and Washington. Planned I95 work is an opportunity to implement technical fixes to reduce noise, such as sound barriers (not currently in the plan), quiet surfaces and bridge joints; we will also advocate directing anticipated federal infrastructure funds to this issue. We will lobby to promote mass transit, which will also help with climate change, air quality and quality of life. Since COVID, an increase in truck deliveries has raised noise levels; one more reason we must do what we can to end the pandemic.
As we emerge from the pandemic stronger and more vibrant than ever, I’m running for re-election to ensure that the Greenwich where I grew up & raised my children continues to be a diverse & thriving community (to live, work, play & stay) that provides resources and opportunities for all.
There is not a single solution to the long-standing issue of Greenwich Ave. parking, As the First Selectman's Re-imagine Greenwich Committee Co-Chair, I worked with departments to ensure Greenwich Ave. emerged as a destination post-pandemic. To address parking, I provided input on the residential/employee parking permit program & we are creating a visual to remind people that are able, to park in our 1000+ 12-hr spots. We cannot lose more spaces on the Ave. & I will work with departments on creative such as valet-parking, electric vehicle shuttles and scaled utilization for outdoor dining.
I had a 30+ year career in high technology & believe in technology’s ability to create more effective operations. The efficient & effective way Town Hall was able to operate during the pandemic certainly proved this to be the case. Technology also gave our residents greater access and a stronger voice in expressing their needs, allowing Town employees to better serve our community. As liaison to the Selectmen’s Nominations Advisory Committee, one change I would like to facilitate is to create more collaboration between our Boards, Commissions & Committees in their department oversight.
I95 traffic is not just a Greenwich issue, so I would continue to represent Greenwich & our First Selectman as part of the Southwestern Regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (SWRMPO), which is part of the Western Council of Governments (WestCog) to ensure that Greenwich’s needs are addressed during the regular Congestion Mgt. Process. (Per Federal reg.§450.322.) We also need to return to pre-pandemic rail service levels. With respect to noise on I95, the BOS needs to continue to advocate for noise barriers/trees with the CTDOT in a collective voice with our State Legislators & WestCog.