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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Tarik T. Al Duri

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    Rob Olson

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    Bob Zagorski

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How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods? (500 characters)

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I feel that my 10 years of experience on council makes me the best candidate. Over the past ten years I have been actively involved in the decisions that have helped shape the City. Some of these decisions have involved the expansion of I-94 to 6 lanes, improvements to Central Park including recommending the upgrade to the skate park, expansion of the wastewater treatment facility to meet changes in permitting requirements, and supporting the fire department and the hiring of a fulltime fire chief. My engineering background also provides me with a unique perspective that helps shape the way our community is developed. Future development and redevelopment within the community is critical to expand our tax base.
My top priority will be to continue the success of the expansion of I-94 so our residents can spend more time at home instead of sitting in traffic.

I also plan to keep a strong focus on the limited opportunities for development within the city and will ensure that we maximize the tax base to shift the tax burden away from the residents as much as possible.

I will also continue to support improvements to the City parks so the residents can enjoy them for years to come.
The City of Albertville is fortunate to have a strong contractual relationship with the Wright County Sheriff's Department to provide all of our police needs. This relationship is a very cost effective partnership for both the City and County.

We also have a great paid on-call fire department that is an asset to the City. Their service to the residents and volunteer involvement in the community is what makes the City great and I will continue to support them in any way possible.

Thank You
Campaign Email bobz52@embarqmail.com
Having served on the Planning Commission and the City Council now for the past two years has given me an insight into the complex operation of a small city.
1. Assist where possible the City Staff on Budgeting by having another person help with the process for every efficiency 2. Work with and learn from City employees the "Needs" that will help them perform their tasks effectively and at cost efficiency 3. Continue to work with the City Administrator to identify any area of Holistic Margin Management for cost savings and also the general day to day operation.
Albertville contracts with Wright County Sheriff Department. I will continue to work whenever possible to highlight public safety in our city.