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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    John Doan

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    Rose Solomonson

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    Cory Springhorn

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I have over 20+ years of leadership experience working with and for local governments. I am currently on the city council, was on the planning commission for 6 years and served as a civil engineer corps officer in the Navy. I graduated from St Thomas Academy and got my master’s in public policy from Harvard University. Shoreview is where my wife and I chose to raise our 2 college-aged kids. We picked Shoreview for its stability, schools, beautiful parks and community amenities. We love our caring and thoughtful neighbors, who make Shoreview a community of choice. I am asking for your vote because experience matters, commonsense matters, and your voice matters. I will work with you to make Shoreview the place we are all proud to call home.
I have learned 1st hand that city government should be based on commonsense and works best when it is really boring. Local politics should not be divisive or high profile; it is meant to be practical, fiscally responsible, and forward thinking. I am committed to keeping our community safe, vibrant, and full of opportunity for all people. My top priorities include making our city more sustainable, growing our tax base and being fiscally prudent by making smart investment in city infrastructure.
Public safety is a shared responsibility. We need to work closely with and support our deputies and firefighters, who are our professional first responders. By being aware of our surrounding and taking personal responsibility, we are the best first line for public safety. This includes reporting suspicious activity to local law enforcement and reminding our neighbor to close their garage door that was accidently left open. As good neighbors, we need to watch out and help each other.
I am the best candidate for Shoreview City Council as I offer a fresh voice and perspective to City government based on being a 31-year resident with conservative values and having a professional career as a family law paralegal for over 30 years. I bring common sense decision-making and problem-solving skills, good listening skills, empathy to neighborhood concerns, openness, transparency and accountability. I have managed family finances and have a concern for the effects that record inflation has had on almost every sector of life. My fresh voice and perspective, my legal background and my experience handling family finances in tough economic times make me the best candidate for City Council.
First, public safety issues such as personal and property crimes and traffic/speeding issues within the City must be addressed to ensure the safety of residents. Second, residents' involvement in major decisions being considered by the City Council is necessary so that residents' ideas are heard, concerns are addressed and opinions are considered in a respectful manner. Third, with record inflation, it is essential that all reasonable efforts are made by the City to reduce taxes on residents.
Public safety in our neighborhoods is an extremely important issue for me. I will work with residents to establish a City-wide neighborhood watch program. In addition, I will hold neighborhood meetings to address public safety concerns with residents so that they can freely discuss any issues that are occurring in their area and know that I take these issues seriously. Finally, I will work with Ramsey County to increase patrols in areas that are experiencing a rise in violent crime.
In my 8 years on the council, I have gained knowledge, experience, and perspective that will be helpful as we start 2023 with a new mayor, at least one council member with less than a year on the job, and a city manager with just over one year on the job. I am proud of the city and all the great things we have accomplished, and am interested in continuing to tell the story of everything we have to offer. My approach to decision making on the council, informed by the excellent current and past council members I've worked with, is to keep an open mind, thoroughly ventilate all issues we're given to deal with, do my homework, and make sure everyone has the opportunity to be heard and seen.
Encourage development and redevelopment that is the right type and scope, adding value to the city’s residential and business communities without threatening vital natural resources. Incorporate equity, inclusion, and anti-racism into what we do as a city, to become an even more welcoming community for all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or identities. Support the city manager in having policies and practices in place to foster recruitment and retention of exceptional city staff.
Continue to encourage, promote, and attend Night to Unite events every August. Keep the city's volunteer Public Safety Committee connected to the council and soliciting their input on public safety matters. Communicate any concerns that I or citizens have to the sheriff's office during, or between, their representatives' regular check-ins with council. Continue to support the development and construction of a new station for Lake Johanna Fire Department.