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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Alisa Benson

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    Matt Johnson

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    Eddy Rice

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Campaign Website http://www.alisabenson.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @None
I will advocate, actively listen, engage in conflict resolution and work with diverse groups in the role of council member. These are all skills I learned in my years as a social worker. Why are these skills so important? Because every resident deserves elected officials who bring commitment and civility to their role as public servants. Residents deserve a council member who actively engages the community to better understand and address issues that concern them. Impartiality, and fact-based decision making combined with an ability to empathize and connect with community members is essential. As a member of City Council I will bring dedication, preparedness, and a collaborative lens to better my community, now and into the future.
I will build a strong, service oriented culture so citizens know they are valued. I will improve communications and ensure that city hosted events are accessible and inviting for all. Second, I’d establish civility and transparency as benchmarks by which all city business is conducted. The public wants and deserves elected officials who offer nothing less. Finally, taxpayer dollars will be subjected to rigorous review to ensure that residents are protected from unnecessary financial burden.
I will work closely with the Orono Police Department and Long Lake Fire Department to become informed about the safety issues our community faces now or may face in the future. I will ensure these are communicated to our citizens. I am dedicated to finding a mutually agreeable solution to the fire service we have long shared with our neighbors. More than equipment, the individual people who choose to serve our city as first responders are the most valuable asset we have to protect all citizens.
Campaign Email matt.johnson.mn@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 285 LEAF ST
ORONO, MN 55356
I was elected four years by the citizens of Orono and that is who I work for! My reputation with residents, fellow council members and staff, is I come prepared and I take the time to understand the issues.

I got involved because our city had procedures and regulations that were adversely affecting residents. I reached out to the Mayor and started a committee to review our codes and regulations. We made over 30 changes to make the processes and codes easier for residents. This sparked my interest to continue.

I am proud of the changes and progress that I have accomplished and I have more work to do! I look forward to serving the citizens of Orono for another four years.
Fiscal responsibility - Even with exceptional inflation, I have helped create a budget that improves services without increasing our tax %.

Preserve our quality of life - providing resources for our parks and trails, enhancing our public water accesses and pushing back government entities from forcing higher density.

Infrastructure - A huge part of residents satisfaction with their city is the utility and roads. It takes thoughtful planning and proper budgeting.

I am very involved with our police and fire department. I currently serve on the police commission and fire department negotiation team. I have been able to stay informed on the issues and concerns of residents and be the conduit to ensure community needs are being met.

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