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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Chris Hickman

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    Molly MacDonald

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    Jeff Parkhill

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    Larissa Stockton

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How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods? (500 characters)

My wife and three children and I have lived in Wayzata for 30 years and know and love this city. I come from three generations of builders and have owned and managed an office building over 40,000 sq. ft for over 20 years. I understand issues related to owning and developing property. As a forty year airline captain following a disciplined and methodical process for short and long term goals, I will bring the same standard and values in planning and development of our city. I am entering this race because I feel strongly about bringing a pragmatic and balanced approach whiling listening to the concerns of the residents of Wayzata. I am not a politician and care deeply about our city. I want to be the representative of the people.
Planning and Development: A complicated process, we need to balance the plans of the developers with the needs of the residents who should come first. We cannot leave the development of our city to chance. The process needs order, balance and symmetry. Safety:In recent years. with increased city development and increased number of visitors we have experienced higher incidents of crime. I have been working on a coordinated effort between the fire and police department. Revenue generating plans:
I am aware of incidents and concerns of the residents by communicating with them. Our city needs increased policing especially during the summer month and weekends. Fire department has had a successful fundraiser (Second Call). I plan to bring a similar program to the police department, allowing us to have additional support on bicycles patrolling high density areas of the city at no cost to the tax payers. I will continue to provide updates and take comments through my web site.
Campaign Website http://voteformollymac.com/
Campaign Twitter Handle @@voteformollymac
Campaign Email molly@voteformollymac.com
Campaign Mailing Address 367 PARK ST E
I’m a current member of the Wayzata City Council. I’m accessible and engaged and I understand that residents come first. I listen and I am responsive. I have perfect attendance at council and committee meetings.

I am the only candidate with a business in Wayzata. I am proud of my owner operated retail store on Lake Street and it’s contribution to downtown Wayzata.

I’m the only candidate who grew up in the community. I’m part of a multigenerational Wayzata family. I have a deep understanding and appreciation for Wayzata and the residents.
I will keep the city budget in line without sacrificing our city services. I will apply my expertise of retail to our Muni Operations. I will support efforts to maximize the profits to offset our tax levy. I will continue to fund our police department to keep roads and parks safe for the residents. I will remain responsive to residents which are directly impacted by development and the high growth rate. I will use our guiding principles to keep Wayzata a quiet, friendly and beautiful community.
I will remain accessible and diligent to resident’s concerns about safety in Wayzata. I will continue to fund our police department to keep our roads and parks safe for the residents. I will support our Chief of Police and his short term, mid term and long term action plane to combat noise and safety in Wayzata.
#1. 4 years experience on the Wayzata Planning Commission where I now serve as the Chairman. Planning is traditionally the training ground for Council. Voters now know that I am level-headed, consistent & compassionate & will fight for WAYZATA!

#2. Member Wayzata Zoning Studies task force + building design standards

#3. Member - Wayzata Blvd. Corridor Study task force

#4. Past CPA - Fiscal austerity is my specialty...as it relates to our $20 mil city budget & tax levy. I can help!

#5. 37 yrs. of business experience: Masters in Business from the University of Chicago, 22+ years in real estate.

#6. High ethical standards which are imperative for public trust.

My Priorities: SMALL TOWN SMALL DEVELOPMENTS - building mass & scale must fit the location and be charming. If not, I VOTE NO!

BALANCE RESIDENT AND BUSINESS INTERESTS: How to handle the additional traffic, noise, & parking complaints? How to pay for maintenance and incremental wear & tear on our community? Our economic eco-system is struggling under the influx of visitors.

PRIORITIZE LOCAL VOICES: All local property tax payers must be heard over outside voices. I listen!
As a council member and a resident, I will support our police, fire and other first responders 200%. Public safety is becoming more difficult to ensure...and it is these men and women who put their lives on the line to prevent bad things from happening to you and me. Neighborhood groups and alert citizens are essential. Programs like "If you see something, say something!" work wonders. The council just approved two more police/peace officers. Council made a good decision for our safety.
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