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Lake St. Croix Beach City Mayor

The role of city mayor can vary from city to city. However, the mayor is usually the head of the city and may represent the city in front of other government bodies. A mayor also usually has a role in proposing a city budget that is approved by the city council. The budget influences the services the city provides to its residents. Mayors sometimes are voting members of city council, and in some cities the mayor is in charge of city council meetings.

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    Tom McCarthy

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    Cindie J. Reiter

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I have served as Mayor for 14 years. In that time, I have been instrumental in the city of Lake St Croix Beach receiving nearly $700,000 in grants to repair and restore our bluff line to protect the river and repair our streets from flood damage. I have maintained good working relationships with our surrounding cities and with Washington County, the DNR, the Corps of Engineers and FEMA. I have brought stability to our city and worked to hold the line on property taxes. I will continue to provide leadership to build up not break down our community.
My priority is to, 1. keep our community safe and desirable, 2. protect the river and 3. keep our taxes low. I am a 40+ year resident, in the years I have been Mayor I have tried to help run our city like a business. City government should provide cost efficient services to keep our city safe, clean and desirable. It is important we protect the character of our unique small river town and provide good stewardship of the river.
I have worked with citizens and advocated for more police patrol. I will continue to listen to citizen concerns, continue to provide leadership to our city to provide efficient services and work with the County, DNR, Watershed District and FEMA to seek out grants to assist our city in protecting the river and keeping our community safe and desirable and one of the best places to live in the Metro area.
My 20+ years of municipal experience, previous insurance, accounting & HR experience affords me the knowledge of the processes of budgeting, land use, statutory requirements, and the ability to maintain our intergovernmental relationships. My public service career started when our city was going through the process of drafting, then receiving a flood mitigation grant of over a million dollars, our city’s councils have continued to obtain DNR, FEMA, and WMO grants needed for our river community. My belief: taxpayers deserve fair & equitable treatment not only in the use of their city tax dollars but also in treating the residents of our city respectfully, this makes me the best candidate to represent LSCB as the next mayor.
My priorities are 1. Completion of the city’s Comprehensive Plan, a statutory requirement LSCB is one of only two cities in the county (per Met Council website) that have not completed this requirement. 2. Encouraging a fully engaged city council, operating respectfully as five independent thinkers to arrive at the best decisions for the city. 3. A thorough budget & levy and audit process. Leading elected officials to an understanding of these would be my goal in the leadership role as mayor.
Communication is key, between city officials & all residents of LSCB and is central to making the city function as a safe place. Law enforcement advises us to report anything suspicious &/or in violation of city code. The council should review city changes to identify & prevent potential problems. Example: changes at the city beach have brought problems, needing added law enforcement resulting in greater expense. The COVID funds received provides for this cost now, but this money is temporary.