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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Mark Freiberg

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    Kathy Nelson

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    Micah Olson

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Why are you the best candidate for this position? (750 characters)

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods? (500 characters)

As one of the incumbents in this race, I believe experience does matter. You need to be civically involved with a passion to serve effectively. I believe our solid fiscal standing and community bond rating are some of the highest in the state. The high level of services the city provides, including public safety, and our large park system for the tax dollar collected rate quite favorably when compared to our neighboring cities. This doesn't happen by accident! It is only arrived at and maintained by a council with years of experience managing your tax dollars while keeping focused on a well-rounded vision of tomorrow for our city.
One of my top priorities if re-elected will be to address the existing food challenges facing our children and senior citizens. The hardship is real and growing and difficult to ignore. Another of the priorities that I will continue to address will be increasing our city's work -force housing inventory. This will help erase the metro housing shortage of approx. 20,000 units we now face. In addition, maintaining a solid thriving business environment is critical to our city's long-term vitality.
As a member of the city council, my colleagues and I have worked hard to make sure our police and fire departments are FULLY funded to assure the highest level of safety for our residents. I personally go out with our police to experience what their shift can be like. This helps with clarity when a funding request is made. Recently the police dept. with our blessing, has implemented a neighborhood approach to patrolling to increase awareness and involvement within our community.
I have experience serving our community as an elected school board member. I also served on the board of Intermediate District 287 which serves the needs of our student with special needs.

I am accustomed to making real-world impacting, time sensitive decisions under pressure. I work well with my cohorts, customers, vendors and other stakeholders.

I am passionate about serving the public. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering and public service.

I will remain mindful of our community’s legacy and the outstanding service of those who came before, while being proactive and forward-thinking in my approach to solving the challenges our community will face.

I have an MBA and BA in International Business and five technical certifications.
I believe we need to continue make our community as business-friendly as possible.

I want the municipal government to help locally based enterprises obtain grants, low interest small business loans and other programs like the Open to Business program.

Another one of my priorities is to help find solutions to the recent increase in crime over the past several years.

Another priority of mine will be to help municipal leadership to improve communication with the constituency.
I will work with my community to promote public safety by coordinating with the Public Works department to determine what programming could be offered to foster community trust, mutual understanding, and to help those in need and build stronger relationships and trust between municipal service providers and the public.

Improved communication can help reduce misunderstandings and stereotyping.
As an Eden Prairie City Council Member, I know experienced leadership is important to our community. Planning for the future is important, as is solving problems before they turn into major issues. We need to continue having a vital, strong, safe community with greenspace, trees and flowers. I believe in using energy wisely, which helps provide a financially stable community with a AAA bond rating. Eden Prairie has well maintained streets, parks, sewer and water which are important to all of us, and I’ll work hard to keep them that way. When representing you I work hard, do my homework, listen to residents and look for common ground when making decisions. I believe in Eden Prairie and will continue to work to keep it a great community.
My top three priorities for Eden Prairie are: Innovation and wise use of energy. Well maintained roads, parks, water, sewer, snowplowing and a safe community. Sensible low budgets that lead to sensible low taxes. Innovation and wise use of energy are essential to our City’s future. Together they keep EP vibrant and working towards the future. Maintaining our roads, parks water, sewer and snowplowing cost less over the long run and provides a great place to live, plus great value for taxes.
A safe community is important to us all. We are well served by a fully staffed, great police force and fire department. They believe in our community, are well trained, have the technology they need, plus our police and firefighters are all EMT’s. This year the police department has started a neighborhood police officer program. Special events at neighborhood parks allow neighbors, their kids and neighborhood officers a chance to get to know each other and have fun.
Campaign Website http://micaholson.org
Campaign Twitter Handle @@MicahOlsonMN
Campaign Email micah@micaholson.org
Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 46176
I’m running to bring a new perspective and approach. Recently, new and young individuals and families have been choosing to call Eden Prairie home. I aim to amplify those voices because those voices are my own. I believe that our city council should be more reflective of the direction our city is headed. My priorities for Eden Prairie are simple. Safe neighborhoods, economic opportunity and building community trust. My vision for Eden Prairie is creating new ways to engage residents so everyone has a seat at the table. I believe in the power of people and our ability to solve problems together. It’s time to forge a new kind of politics. One that always puts people first and where leaders are focused on service.
My three main priorities are safe neighborhoods, economic opportunity and building trust. We can, and must, build broad coalitions that impact and involve our community in inclusive and meaningful ways. Public leaders are called to listen and make informed decisions aimed at achieving the common good. Let’s work together to build a bright future for Eden Prairie.
Keeping our neighborhoods safe is priority number one for local governments. With rising crime rates and local safety concerns, we must ensure law enforcement has the resources needed to keep everyone in every community safe. It is also not simply enough to be reactive to crime, but identifying ways in which we can be proactive as well. This effort is about all of us working together to build a community of trust.