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Carver County Commissioner District 5

County commissioners are the county's key policymakers. They oversee the administration of the county, set county budget, and participate in county long-range planning. County services that they oversee include a wide variety of social service and welfare programs, as well as certain public health programs. Learn more about the day in the life of a county commissioner in this video from the Association of Minnesota Counties.

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    Aaron Burkhart

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    John P. Fahey

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

What actions would you take, if any, to address affordability of housing in your county? (500 characters)

How would you ensure election laws do not create barriers to Minnesotans’ freedom to vote while also ensuring safe and secure elections? (500 characters)

What do you see as the biggest challenges to mental health and social services in your county, and how would you address them? (500 characters)

If there were to be budget cuts during your term, what are the most essential county services that you would advocate to preserve? (500 characters)

Campaign Mailing Address 9995 COUNTY ROAD 140
1. Transparency. People don't trust the government, even at the city and county level. We need to make sure we are HONEST with our residents. We need to make sure all residents know what is happening and we need to make that information EASILY accessible. 2. Communication. This goes hand in hand with transparency. We need the lines of communication to be open. Commissioners should work with the residents and businesses to help in any way they can. 3. Attracting businesses. I'd like to see more residents of Carver County have the ability to work and make a good living IN Carver County. We all love Carver County and I'd like to push work/live/play in Carver County.
Along with bringing in businesses into Carver County, we need to make sure our infrastructure is ready for growth. I've heard from many Carver residents that their water bills have sky rocketed over the last 2 years. This increase has gone hand in hand with the new developments in Carver. We need to make sure we're ready for the growth and not playing catch up.
This is a big one. Voter ID is a touchy subject, but it is something that I believe we need implement. It is not going to be easy, there are going to be difficult conversations. It is clear that we need to make a change.
Access to and availability of in person services is the biggest challenge. The First Street Center in Waconia and Chaska is a fantastic resource. It would be great if there was a center like this in the heart of every town in our county.
Safety would be the number 1 priority. In my opinion, the most essential services would be safety related; law, fire, and social services.
I am currently serving as Vice Chair of the Carver County (CC) Board of Commissioners. Transportation: Overseeing the completion of Highway 212 from Cologne to NYA with a bridge at the Bongard’s intersection. Growth & Land Use: I support the one building eligibility per 40 acres, currently CC’s main land use policy, to preserve the rich ag history of CC. I support the orderly annexation agreements between Townships and Cities. Public Safety: Carver County is the fastest growing County! The growth numbers are due to people who want to move here, build a home, raise their families, and start a business. A strong Public Safety policy is part of this growth and I support the current policy and staff.
The County’s Community Development Agency (CDA) mission is to provide affordable housing opportunities and fostering Community and Economic Development. As a Commissioner, I serve as the Board’s liaison to the CDA. The need and demand for affordable housing is real within the County and I am a supporter and advocate to help meets those needs. Recently as part of the County’s American Rescue Plan (APR) fund allocation, Carver County allocated $5.90 million of those funds for Housing Support.
The State continues to do a great job of managing safe and secure elections. As a CC Commissioner, I feel Public Trust is a key component. The County’s voter turnout in 2020 was 93.8%, one of the highest in the State and Nation. CC has been 100% accurate on previous post-election reviews. The County is consistently one of the first 3 counties to report 100% of their precincts results. These reporting results are due to the County’s training with City and Townships election clerks and judges.
Accessibility and awareness are some of the current challenges facing CC residents today. I support the vision of our County of being a caring place where community and individuals can be safe, feel secure and lead healthy lives. 27% of CC’s tax dollars are allocated to Health and Human Services. By providing these various programs and services along with a consistent message and outreach, all in need can become aware of the availability of these various programs.
Public Safety (Sherriff’s budget), Health and Human Services and Public Works. 27% of CC’s budget is the Sheriff’s. Public Safety plays a vital role in CC being the fastest growing county. We want a safe place to live, build a home, raise a family and start a business! 27% of CC’s budget is Health and Human Services. These budgets provide critical services and programs to CC residents in need. 15% of the CC’s budget is Public Works Depart. Great roads and infrastructure are important.