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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Nat Gorham

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    Sarah St. Louis

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    Dustin Maddy

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    Guy Sanschagrin

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I am the most experienced candidate. I have served on the Park Commission (1 year), Planning Commission (3 years), and City Council (1.5 years). In 2021 I was selected from a field of candidates to fill the open seat on Council based on my experience in infrastructure, my knowledge of city processes and my informed and respectful debate of issues. The people you trust to run the City trusted me with this important appointment. My career in infrastructure has been essential in providing an independent perspective on Public Works projects. I have built successful relationships with city residents, staff and council, making difficult decisions and strong counter arguments for the environment, preservation, accountability and public safety.
1. Ensuring Public Safety. My construction career taught me safety is Job #1. This tenet is critical when faced with decisions that shape our infrastructure. 2. Improving communication. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings and misperceptions of all project aspects. I plan to review lessons learned on past projects and study process improvements for future ones. 3. The Environment. I plan to be a voice for our bee friendly community as the city reviews this important piece of policy.
In my 16 years managing urban infrastructure projects I have learned that public safety and resident engagement go hand in hand. My work delivering projects to diverse communities has prepared me for a role in representative democracy - understanding user requirements should be an early step in scope definition. As a councilmember, I listened as local parents voiced their safety concerns over getting their children to school and voted to construct a sidewalk between the trail and Minnewashta.
As a disability advocate, working in the field of architecture for 20 years & working with state & national leaders developing policy, I have a unique perspective on improving the lives of ALL citizens. It begins with listening to the concerns of residents & working with them to create solutions to address those concerns. It is important that ALL of our residents are able to fully have access to & participate in their communities & that includes our city government. Protecting our eco systems is vital to creating a healthy community & residents. Updating our planning & zoning code, by someone who understands, to modernize & meet our values & needs is an important step in preserving our city's eco system.
Work towards creating a more inclusive & accessible city by including the voices of ALL residents & particularly the disability community, so that physical spaces, events & access to government meets the needs of ALL residents. Updating our planning and zoning codes to modernize them to reflect the values and needs of our city going forward. Encourage conversations and engagement between the council and residents so that we can work as a team to create a better & thriving city.
First by encouraging engagement of residents within neighborhoods & across the city. Knowing & communicating with your neighbors, builds relationships and leads to recognizing, speaking up & reporting about individuals or incidents that make our communities unsafe. Second, is working with our local law enforcement & leaders to educate & engage with residents, especially the disability community, who may need resources & supports to help protect them & their property.
Campaign Website http://dustinmaddy.com
Campaign Email shorewood@dustinmaddy.com
Campaign Mailing Address 26005 SMITHTOWN LN
I have the experience, knowledge, and composure to best serve the residents of Shorewood. I have extensive experience working with cities and communities. For 10 years I have given my time and energy to Shorewood via the Planning Commission, which I currently chair. I have worked well with fellow commissioners, staff, elected officials, and residents. I have been, and will be, respectful to residents, even when we disagree on how to best operate. I appreciate discourse because decisions made after thorough analysis are best. I have never fought with the city or wasted city resources for personal gain. Every decision I have made, and will make, is what I think is best for the city and all its residents, now and far into the future.
Priority one is, and always will be, managing our budget to balance operations and infrastructure investments with the values of the community. The primary function of the city is to build and maintain infrastructure such as roads, drainage, and utilities. Priority two is safety. Being a safe community makes Shorewood a desirable place to live. Priority three is sustainability. We must operate our city in a way that is not detrimental to future generations.
Public safety comes in many forms including law enforcement, fire and medical response, public health, and road design. The best public safety programs operate as partnerships between public safety organizations and the communities they serve. In Shorewood we partner with multiple agencies to work towards common safety goals. I will encourage partnerships and communication with safety agencies and the community for issues of crime, fire, health, and traffic safety.
Campaign Twitter Handle @Shorewoodbythe1
Campaign Mailing Address 27725 ISLAND VIEW RD
I’d be honored to serve as your representative on Shorewood’s City Council. I’m a CPA, with an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. Early in my career I worked as an Industrial Engineer where my role was to design and streamline processes. I also served on the Board of Directors as Chair of the Finance Committee for Global Minnesota–a non-profit whose mission is to connect Minnesota to the world.

In working with multinational teams for clients located across the globe, I know how to listen to people, understand different perspectives, and develop win/win solutions. In addition, I bring process improvement, finance, and accounting skills that will be useful in serving the City. No-one on the Council brings this type of experience.
My vision is a city government that operates as a beacon of accountability, fiscal responsibility, and democracy. If elected, I pledge to work with our residents, City Council, and officials to bring a more data-driven, resident-focused approach to Shorewood government. My priorities are: 1. Raise accountability to residents. 2. Improve fiscal management. 3. Preserve the natural character of our community.

I believe these three items reflect the priorities of many residents in our community.
There is significant opportunity to coordinate with our police officers to address public safety. Three areas of attention are mental health, substance abuse, and high-speed traffic. We can consider employing traffic calming methods (beyond speed bumps) to slow vehicle speeds and make our neighborhoods more pedestrian friendly. Communities around the globe have moved away from the paradigm that roads are solely designed to enable vehicles to travel at the highest possible speeds.