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Minnesota State Senate District 56

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    Jim Bean

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    Erin Maye Quade

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

How would you ensure election laws do not create barriers to Minnesotans’ freedom to vote while also ensuring safe and secure elections? (500 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to address racial or ethnic disparities in Minnesota? (500 characters)

What will you do to support a vibrant economy across Minnesota, and to address rising inflation? (500 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce gun violence in Minnesota? (500 characters)

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Campaign Website http://erinmayequade.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @@ErinMayeQuade
Campaign Email erinforsenate@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 881 ORIOLE DRIVE
As your State Senator, my top three priorities will be reproductive justice, lowering the costs of goods and services, and putting children and families first. Reproductive Rights: All people should have the freedom to make decisions about their bodies. As the leader of the largest reproductive justice coalition in MN, I worked to remove unconstitutional abortion restrictions and look forward to continuing to fight for our rights. Lowering Costs: Rising costs are hurting Minnesota's families. We must tackle corporate greed, prevent price gouging, and advocate for strong consumer protections. Putting Families First: Our kids are our future. We must fully fund public schools, address climate change, and end the gun violence epidemic.
Minnesota is lucky to have first in the nation voter participation. I am grateful for the election workers and volunteers who help to make our elections safe and fair. To expand on our existing successes, we can ensure that the Secretary of State's Office has the necessary funding to modernize our elections systems and enhance our cybersecurity practices. Minnesotans can be proud of the democracy we have built, and as your State Senator I pledge to defend it against any and all attacks.
Minnesota ranks first in the nation for racial disparities in health, wealth, and homeownership. If elected, I will build upon my work in the State House to pass legislation that expands opportunities for homeownership, reduces Black maternal mortality, and increases the number of teachers of color in our schools. I co-founded the People of Color and Indigenous legislators caucus in 2017 and am excited to continue to partner with my fellow BIPOC legislators to address disparities.
When companies have increased costs they have a choice: they can absorb the cost themselves or pass it off to consumers. Right now corporations are exploiting rising inflation to dramatically increase their prices and rake in profits. From gasoline and baby formula to housing and healthcare, families are struggling with these exploding costs. To support our economy we must tackle corporate greed, prevent price gouging, and implement strong consumer protections.
First, I would re-introduce my bill to require background checks on all gun sales and transfers. I would also prioritize implementing safe storage requirements, passing red flag laws, and preventing civilians from obtaining weapons of war. I am proud to be the Everytown for Gun Safety endorsed candidate and am committed to working with community members to build a strong coalition to address the gun violence epidemic in our country.