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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Amy Bogart

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    Connie Lyscio

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    Zach Tabatt

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Owning and operating a small business in Baxter gives me a unique breadth of experience that no other board member currently has. It gives me a first hand understanding of the real impact of regulations, taxes, zoning and infrastructure on not only families but our business community. My husband and I chose Baxter 16 years ago as the place we wanted to raise our kids, we are fully invested in Baxter, its infrastructure and roads, the parks our kids play ball in, the trails we bike, the schools our kids attend, the businesses we shop in. I can bring a perspective that is missing, along with my background in management and economics, to the board in a time where our economy is having a profound effect on families in our community.
My top priorities are: Keeping regulations manageable, allowing for businesses and families to make reasonable changes to their properties and entities without major regulatory interference. Second, responsible zoning and planning, and wise growth management in order to be responsible with the funds we have in the short term and in long term aspects, such as maintenance. Third, wise budgeting. We need to be cognizant of spending priorities during our current economic climate.
Baxter has a wonderful police force, they are professional and skilled. It is important we continue to promote their relationship with residents through good communication and visibility. I believe the best way the city council can support public safety is to maintain a department that can retain and recruit highly skilled staff and officers. An open dialogue with our current police force as well as community members is also key to addressing public safety issues as they arise.
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Campaign Email ztabatt@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 11868 River Vista Dr
Baxter, MN 56425
Experience. I know the realities of working with people and getting things done. I have been a police officer, a financial advisor, and I currently run business-related trainings for regional nonprofits. I am completing my first term on the city council, giving me first-hand experience in the operations of this city. I have built relationships with partners across Crow Wing County and I have a long-term stake in this community. My wife, Jessica, works in the area and my two daughters are at the beginning of their school years. I am committed to Baxter for the long-term.
My priorities are: 1: Expanding economic development in the city. We have excellent opportunities because the city of Baxter is already an attractive place for families and businesses. The city also owns properties that can be creatively marketed to diversify our economy and attract new residents. 2: Smart infrastructure development. We need to build our city in a way we can afford to maintain. 3: Quality of life. As we grow, we need to maintain public safety and outdoor spaces.
We have an excellent, highly professional police department. I will continue to support good relationships between our police and residents. I’m always open to hearing ideas from residents with concerns and I will promote open communication with our police department. I am also supportive of finding new and creative ways to recruit top notch candidates to join our department.