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Minnesota State House District 5B

State Representatives serve in the Minnesota House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the state legislature. They write and vote on legislation to create, repeal, or change state laws affecting many issues, like health care, the environment, and the economy. They also vote on state taxes and the state spending.

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    Gregg Hendrickson

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    Mike Wiener

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

How would you ensure election laws do not create barriers to Minnesotans’ freedom to vote while also ensuring safe and secure elections? (500 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to address racial or ethnic disparities in Minnesota? (500 characters)

What will you do to support a vibrant economy across Minnesota, and to address rising inflation? (500 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce gun violence in Minnesota? (500 characters)

Campaign Mailing Address 23192 200TH ST.
Property Tax reform for the rural areas in the state. Population is decreasing and the government is increasing. The burden on the taxpayers is too much.

Infrastructure, I live south of Long Prairie and still don't have high speed internet. For families and business need this to thrive.
Everyone, that is a citizen of the US has a right to vote.
Everyone should have the same opportunities.
We need the infrastructure in order for us to be vibrant in rural Minnesota.
As a Veteran, I had extensive training as an 18-year-old and had to be certified to handle a M-16 rifle. We do a lot of training for our high school trap leagues. Why can't we do that when people want to buy an AR-15.?
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