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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Sally M. Lorberbaum

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    John R. Mazzitello

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    Jeff Nath

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Campaign Twitter Handle @twitter.com/SallyforCouncil/
Campaign Email Sally@SallyforCouncil.com
Campaign Mailing Address 890 DOUGLAS RD
I have served over a decade on the Mendota Heights Planning Commission (5 years as chair) and 13 years on the Mendota Heights Airport Commission (6 years as vice chair). A proven community leader, I am running for city council because we need someone serving on our city council with the knowledge and experience I have gained while being on these commissions.

I am a former public school math teacher who loves working with numbers. I have an MBA from the University of Minnesota and am comfortable with the budgeting process and analyzing data.

I pledge to be accessible to you, listen to your concerns and work to address your needs.
Safety and security of residents: Ensure police have the tools, training and infrastructure to focus on the safety of our homes, our roads, and the volume and high-speed of cars on our streets.

Fiscal conservative: Keep our taxes low, the value of our homes high, and increase our tax base. I will prioritize needs vs. wants, and ensure investments come with budgeted maintenance plans.

Keep our community feel: Preserve the special character of Mendota Heights and protect our natural resources.
• Ensure our police, fire and public works departments have the budgets and support to provide 21st century services • Engage the public, neighboring communities, and state and county leaders in discussions around connecting walking paths, safe bike trails, and traffic volume and speed • Work to improve cell phone coverage • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and housing options to give people in all life stages and all economic means viable choices for safe, stable, and affordable homes
Campaign Website http://www.mazz4mh.net
Campaign Twitter Handle @NA
Campaign Email jrmazz@hotmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 695 3rd Avenue
Mendota Heights, MN 55118
Two years ago, The City Council began a series of initiatives that were identified in the city's newly revised 2020-2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Two years simply is not enough time to get all the new initiatives and programs in place, so I am running to keep my City Council seat to se that these initiatives are seen through to completion. I am also running in order to ensure the city is set up properly for future generations through long-range planning for city maintenance and improvement of our assets (infrastructure, parks, natural resources, etc.), and sound financial management. Mendota Heights is a unique community, and we need to preserve and enhance that quality of life while moving logically into the future.
1. Establish long-range major maintenance/capital improvement plans for our parks, trails, and natural resources in our publicly owned open spaces

2. Prioritize needs and wants from our residents into logical plans that fit within out financial constraints to keep our tax rate among the lowest in the metro area.

3. Continue investment in our core services (police, fire, medical, public works) to maintain and improve the high quality of service our city has come to know.
Mendota Heights has outstanding police and fire services. Our Police Department is a model for community policing in the metro, and our paid-on-call fire department is one of the many jewels in the Mendota Heights crown. I would continue to promote community events that put our first responders in touch with the community in a non-emergency environment. Further, I would work with area businesses and organizations to find opportunities for our police and fire to engage in private events.
Responsible governance requires people of character. We must be open and honest with our community, be straight forward in what we want to achieve, and always listen to differing opinions. I bring all of this to the table. I have strong sense of civic resolve and a deep belief that government serves the people and not the other way around. I have over a decade of experience as a small business owner. This has given me first hand experience with how business runs and what business needs to be successful. My skills as a consensus builder, my creative problems solving skills, and my experience with arbitration and mediation will be a great benefit to Mendota Heights. I love this city and will strive to continue the excellence of our home.
My top priority is first and foremost to protect the essential character and unique vibe that makes Mendota Heights such a great place to live. 'Does this benefit the community?' must always be our first question. Further, I wish to maintain the incredible services our community has. Our Police, Fire, and public works are all top rate and we must give them the resources to continue on. Finally, I will foster a more interactive process for citizens and council working through community issues.
Mendota Heights has an amazing public safety apparatus. Our police chief is the best from anywhere I have ever lived, our fire service top notch. To continue these successes will necessitate us giving those departments the resources and support they need to succeed. Further, we need to continue the fantastic relations our community has with our law enforcement. This can be achieved through outreach and positive contact. We should know our officers and our officers should know us.