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The role of city mayor can vary from city to city. However, the mayor is usually the head of the city and may represent the city in front of other government bodies. A mayor also usually has a role in proposing a city budget that is approved by the city council. The budget influences the services the city provides to its residents. Mayors sometimes are voting members of city council, and in some cities the mayor is in charge of city council meetings.

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Campaign Website http://www.kimformayor.net
Campaign Email kim@hrsmarts.net
Campaign Mailing Address 5549 Bartlett Boulevard
Mound, MN 55364
Beginning in May of 2022, I have personally attended every council meeting listening to the topics, concerns of citizens, reports from Hennepin County Commissioners, and learned how our Mayor interacts with Council and city staff.

I will lead our Council and work with city staff to achieve common goals together - bringing our vision to reality.

Paramount to successfully realizing our vision is establishing a climate of trust, openness, and mutual respect.

Additionally, I am an active commissioner on the Board of Parks and Open Spaced in Mound.
1. I want to see a long-term city strategy put into place - not just talked about - but put into action.

2. Supply safe water to families with infants and the elderly on fixed incomes who can't afford buying bottled water or install home filtering systems. Until we get manganese out of our water supply we have a responsibility to supply safe water.

3, Increase pedestrian safety for Shoreline Drive at Auditors Road by implementing a refuge island and overhead flashing lighting.

Public safety begins with citizens have access to local stable jobs that need them.

Provide incentives for businesses to move here, leverage the resources from the state and federal government, utilize our city's staff, and communicate our plan clearly to our citizens so we have ownership and buy-in.
I was elected to the Mound City Council in 2020 and I’m the Planning Commissioner Liaison. I’ve spent this time working with city staff, the planning commission, as well as building relationships with residents and local business owners. Although we have accomplished a lot in that time, there is more work to be done. Residents of Mound are telling us that they want change. Professionally as a Financial Advisor, I collaborate with my clients to create short and long-term plans to reach their financial goals. The city like our families, need to budget and balance out future and current needs. I will use my financial experience as well as my ability to connect with people to get Mound on the right track.
Water: We are faced with a Manganese issue in our water which a water treatment plant would help solve. As Mayor I will work with our State Senator and State Representative and other elected officials to try to get this funding. Growth: Mound has an enormous amount of potential. We need to balance our growth through development that is appropriate for us but growth that will also attract more businesses to Mound. Communication: We need to do better communicating with our residents.
One of our basic jobs as a city is to provide public safety within our city. I recently met with Orono Police Chief Correy Farniok. We sat down and discussed how the Orono Police Department responds, patrols and delivers public safety in Mound. Having a good relationship with the Police department is crucial. I am a big supporter of our Police and want to make sure they have what they need to do their job effectively.
Campaign Email subray100@yahoo.com
Campaign Mailing Address 4559 Island view drive
MOUND, MN 55345
I have served as Mayor City of Mound for 4 years and City Councilman for 10 years, I LISTEN to our Citizens, their needs, and desires for their city. We were advised in December 2020 by the MN. Dept of Health of escalated manganese in our municipal and I have been working on a resolution with our staff and engineers since and seeking a 24-million-dollar financial grant from the state of Minnesota for the water filtration plant. Unfortunately, the Senate concluded its session prior to approving our bill. I am reapplying for the 2023 session. Accomplishments
#1). Continue my work to obtain a 24 million dollar grant from the state and build a water filtration plant. #2). Continue rebuilding our infrastructure, water sewer street repairs. #3). Redevelopment in our Harbor District, downtown our shopping centers. Addressing all 3 priorities we will attract more and new businesses.
We have outstanding service and relationship with Orono Police Department serving our community. To expound on this success, we will offer National Night out events more than once a year creating community involved watchful eyes for our neighbors and our children. Encourage our citizens to participate in the Citizens Police Academy offered by Orono Police Dept. to learn about law enforcement, provide more police presence in our schools, teach our children the importance of l community.