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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Jamie Barthel

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    David Dionne

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    Rick Engelhardt

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I’m honored to have served you on the Andover City Council for four years. Along with my council duties, I have stepped up to leadership positions including Vice Mayor and QCTV Cable Commission Board Chair.

For four years, my focus has been on strategic development of residential areas, investment in core city services, road/trail improvements and low-density housing. I am an avid supporter of the Andover Fire Department, the Sheriff’s contract, improved pedestrian crossings and business expansion. Moreover, I spend time meeting and talking with residents about their concerns and ideas.

My city council experience and commitment to our community make me uniquely qualified to represent Andover residents. More at www.JamieBarthel.com
Carefully timing replacement costs of city amenities: Develop a 25-year budget plan to keep spending levels even and avoid multiple, large projects that need to be accomplished in the same year.

Water Quality: Analyze and develop protective strategies to ensure our city water is safe for many generations.

Increase communication with residents: Find multiple channels for message distribution to ensure that all residents receive vital information when needed—especially during emergencies.
I support our Sheriff’s contract with Anoka County and the work they do in our neighborhoods. Taxpayers save a significant amount of taxes with more public safety services than if the city provided its own police force. Not only do we have deputies patrolling neighborhoods, but they are in our local schools and provide detective services. The partnership between the Sheriff and Andover had led and will continue to provide safe neighborhoods across our city.
I earned my Degree in Business Management from ORU and have spent the last 7 years working hard as a manager at a local food distributor. In my position, I have overseen the hiring and training of new hires and managed the budget and payroll expenses. Most recently I've created spreadsheets to dive into and analyze our data to ensure our processes run the most efficiently. I feel these experiences will help me make fiscally responsible decisions for the City of Andover. I have prided myself in my career on building relationships with those that work around me. This is an imperative quality when working in public service, to better ensure we are working together to serve and to ensure the voices of our community are heard.
Roads, clean water, and public safety. Our roads are deteriorating, and I will help develop a long-term plan to extend the life of our current roads and do it to the best of our ability without borrowing money. I will work hard to ensure that every household in Andover has access to clean water. I will continue to support and work with the Sheriff’s department, develop a better strategy for retaining our fire department staff, and get them the help they need to keep Andover safe.
As a city council member public safety would be a priority! As a family man, I want other families across the city to know they are living and raising families in an extremely safe community. I believe this is best served by maintaining our excellent relationship with the Anoka County Sheriff’s department to serve the Andover resident’s needs. I would also work hard to make sure our fire department is fully staffed and supported.
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