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Minnesota State Senate District 42

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    Paul Hillen

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    Bonnie Westlin

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

How would you ensure election laws do not create barriers to Minnesotans’ freedom to vote while also ensuring safe and secure elections? (500 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to address racial or ethnic disparities in Minnesota? (500 characters)

What will you do to support a vibrant economy across Minnesota, and to address rising inflation? (500 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce gun violence in Minnesota? (500 characters)

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Every day I have conversations with voters and my priorities are the same as theirs: protecting safe and legal access to abortion; supporting a vibrant economy and affordable prices for all Minnesotans, including affordable healthcare; and funding our public schools so we can increase teacher pay and hire more counselors, nurses and staff. Our economy needs to work for everyone. Our children deserve a public education that supports their ability to learn and our teachers deserve a system that allows them to focus on teaching. Minnesotans want their officials to preserve our rights and freedoms, to protect our democracy and reject extremism. When I am elected, I will do just that. I will work hard to serve our community in the legislature.
We should be proud that Minnesota has the highest voter turnout of any state. We have a very secure elections system that includes paper ballots with electronic tabulation machines. Minnesota elections use safe and secure processes. I support legislation that leads to more eligible Minnesotans voting safely and securely. I do not support legislation that places undue burdens on voting rights. Voting is foundational to a healthy democracy and a constitutional right that must be protected.
Racism is baked into our systems. Lawmakers need to view their work through the lens of racial justice and work to dismantle systems that perpetuate racism. That means ensuring a world-class education for every child, affordable healthcare, living wage jobs and affordable housing. Minnesota needs legislation such as HF2724 which supports crime prevention, police training/accountability, and evidence-based community violence prevention. Every Minnesotan should feel safe in their community.
We need an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy. Our policies should keep MN competitive and support both small, family-owned businesses and large companies. A strong economy should create opportunities for low-income workers to fully engage in the economy, and to receive a living wage. Employers should recruit, attract and retain a more diverse workforce. Infrastructure funding should be allocated across all of MN to create good paying jobs that bolster local economies.
All Minnesotans deserve to feel safe. I support gun violence prevention laws, as do most Minnesotans. I support expanded background checks on all gun sales and transfers and Extreme Risk Protection Orders that temporarily remove firearms from people in crisis who are a risk to themselves or others. Though more effective at the federal level, I support a state ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and so-called non-serialized “ghost guns,” including through an opt-in buyback program.