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Minnesota State Senate District 55

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    Pam Myhra

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    Lindsey Port

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

How would you ensure election laws do not create barriers to Minnesotans’ freedom to vote while also ensuring safe and secure elections? (500 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to address racial or ethnic disparities in Minnesota? (500 characters)

What will you do to support a vibrant economy across Minnesota, and to address rising inflation? (500 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce gun violence in Minnesota? (500 characters)

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I’m running for reelection because I believe in the promise of our democracy and a brighter future for all Minnesotans when we elect a government that works with and for us. In order to realize that promise, we have to protect access to the full range of reproductive care, including abortion access, address the affordable housing crisis, and protect and expand democracy that works for the people. Before we can pass legislation that affirms and support these priorities, we have to first flip the Minnesota Senate to a DFL majority. This is a time of big challenges, with a lot at stake, and together we can find the bold solutions needed to make progress for us all.
Protecting and expanding our democracy has never been more important. That's why I introduced the Democracy for the People Act. We have to keep in place the policies we know to increase participation such as same-day registration and absentee balloting. We have to continue calling out and shutting down legislation that creates inequitable voting restrictions and expanding our efforts to get people to the polls.
One piece of legislation, among many, would be to restore the vote. Minnesotans convicted of a felony lose their right to vote until they are off parole which disenfranchises 47,000 people. Research shows that restoring the vote reduces the rate of recidivism, and children who have parents that vote are more likely to vote themselves, which means we wouldn’t just be helping Minnesotans now, we would be engaging the next generation and helping them to become voters as well.
We have to create an economy that works for all Minnesotans. We must fully fund public goods and services such as our public schools and safe and affordable housing. Minnesota has a $9.3 billion dollar surplus this year. We create a vibrant economy when we invest in our communities and put money back in the hands of Minnesotans. Corporations are driving inflation and profiting off the backs of Minnesotans. I have bills to address price gouging and monopolies.
Mass shootings have become unacceptably common in our country. There are common-sense gun safety measures we can work on right now including universal background checks for all gun sales, extreme risk protection orders (otherwise known as red flag laws), a ban on the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and funding for education on safe storage of firearms and ammunition. We deserve a legislature that takes action to prevent senseless gun violence and keeps our communities safe.