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Illinois House District 41

(Vote for 1)The Illinois House of Representatives is the lower house of the Illinois General Assembly. It is made of 118 representatives elected from individual legislative districts for a two-year term with no term limits.As of the 2020 Census, Illinois state representatives represented an average of 108,580 residents.The state legislature has the power to make laws and impeach judges. Lawmakers must be at least 21 years of age and a resident of the district in which they serve for at least two years. [source: https://ballotpedia.org/Illinois_state_legislative_districts#House]Salary: $69,464 [Source: https://ballotpedia.org/Comparison_of_state_legislative_salaries]

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    Jennifer Bruzan Taylor

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    Janet Yang Rohr

Información Biográfica

What qualifications do you bring to the office?

What is a major challenge facing your constituents and how will you address it?

What are the major goals you hope to achieve should you be elected to office?

As a Naperville City Councilwoman I have successfully worked to find common ground among opposing parties on controversial issues. I voted to improve Naperville’s infrastructure, supported increasing training and resources for first responders, and pushed for policies that help local businesses and make Naperville more environmentally friendly in a fiscally sound manner. It is these efforts that reinforce Naperville’s reputation as a safe, fiscally sound community that routinely is voted one of the best places to raise a family. I spent most of my career as a Cook County prosecutor where I not only put hardened criminals away, but also thought outside the box and worked with all stakeholders in the Juvenile Justice Division to focus on non-incarceration measures and services to help kids caught up in the system. I also spent years in the Child Protection Division protecting abused and neglected children where I began creating my list of changes needed to DCFS.
My constituents are struggling to put food on their tables, gas in their vehicles, and make necessary repairs to their homes. Here in Illinois, inflation is exacerbated by one of the highest state and local tax burdens in the country. I will work to reduce the cost of living for Illinoisans by permanently reducing taxes, such as property, food, and gas taxes. To accomplish this goal we need to keep and attract businesses. This means improving our fiscal health, tax structure, crime problems, and culture of corruption. It is all connected. And the only way to change it is with new leaders who bring new ideas and are independent from the corrupt system that ignores the needs of our community. We cannot grow our economy if we do not fix these issues because businesses do not want to invest where there are unsafe streets, where they have to pay off politicians, and be overly taxed to cover the state’s pension shortfalls.
My overarching goal is to safeguard our future for our children and grandchildren. First, DCFS needs to be reformed from the inside out. I will use my knowledge of the inner workings of DCFS to implement systematic changes so that our failing system does not further victimize our children. Throwing money at DCFS without internal changes will not help. Second, keep our communities safe from the rise in violent crime by working with, not against, our police. We need to stop emboldening criminals and reform the SAFE-T Act. All stakeholders need to be part of the process for effective change in policing without demoralizing our police and further victimizing our victims. Third, address the economic struggles of our state that is leading to a loss of businesses, people, and talent. I will make hard decisions and enact long term economic policies to strengthen our future financially. We need fresh, independent leadership that can work across the aisle to deliver results on these issues.
Campaign Mailing Address 909 Watercress Dr
Naperville, IL 60540
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