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DC Ward 1 Member of the Council

Ward 1 Member of the Council of the District of ColumbiaDuties: Represents citizens from Ward 1The Council’s central role is to make laws for D.C. It is also the chief policy-making body for the city. In addition, Councilmembers' responsibilities include oversight of multiple agencies, commissions, boards and other entities of District government and responding to constituents’ concerns. (source: https://dccouncil.us)Term: 4 yearsAnnual Salary: $140,000 (approximately)

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    Brianne K Nadeau

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    Chris Otten

Información Biográfica

What are your top 2 priorities and how will you accomplish them?

Should DC be admitted to the union as a state? Yes or No? *If yes, what immediate plans should be made, and actions taken, to begin preparing DC for statehood? *If no, what is your plan for achieving full voting rights for DC?

How do you propose to increase housing for our most vulnerable residents?

What do you see as the root causes of crime in DC? What policies would you propose to address the issues?

What are your ideas for improving outcomes for youth in the justice system?

Campaign Email Brianne@Briannefordc.com
Education BA Boston College, MA American University
Qualifications With a strong focus on community engagement and social justice, Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne K, Nadeau has worked alongside residents and advocates to author bold, progressive policies and get results for Ward 1 and the District. Leading the Council in increasing housing investments and legislative action during her tenure, Brianne has been a champion for affordable housing and tenant protections. Her efforts have put more than 1,200 units of new affordable housing in the pipeline in Ward 1, hundreds of which have already been built. As a parent to two young children, Brianne understands the importance of quality early childhood development and a transparent education system for Ward 1 residents raising families. As Chair of the Human Services committee, Brianne has made historic investments in ending homelessness reformed the District’s Temporary Aid to Needy Families program and significantly expanded disability services. Brianne’s constituent services team closed out 2,000 cases during 2021 and and has continued to close hundreds more in 2022.
Campaign Twitter Handle @@BrianneKN
1. Nobody should feel unsafe in their own neighborhood, and as a mom raising two kids in Ward 1, Brianne understands the importance of public safety. Brianne has taken a comprehensive approach to address both the immediate impact of crime, and the long standing inequities that lead to crime in our neighborhoods - working with agency heads, law enforcement officials, and community members to identify Ward 1’s needs and to leverage government resources to address the issues.

2. Brianne has already put more than 1,200 units of new affordable housing in the pipeline in Ward 1, preserving the affordable housing we have, and is now also making it possible to build housing in more places across the Ward and the District.
Yes. Brianne has been a strong advocate for statehood here in the District, and across the country as an elected leader. She has worked with State leaders across the country to build more support for Statehood in Congress so that we can finally get the law passed in both houses of Congress.
Brianne has fought to expand affordable housing by increasing subsidies and increased legalization of housing, with a focus on our lowest income, most vulnerable families. She believes in a “Yes, and” approach to housing. Legalizing more housing capacity and Inclusionary Zoning units that come with it are one piece of the puzzle, but an incomplete solution. She has voted to expand funding to the Housing Production Trust Fund and tenant-based vouchers, and supported Community Land Trusts, strengthened rent control, limited-equity cooperatives, and unique tools like the Tenant and District Opportunity to Purchase Act. She has also been the Council’s main champion of using publicly-owned land to expand our stock of deeply affordable housing.
In Ward 1, we continue to grapple with gun violence and community safety. From her first day as Councilmember, and before it became common practice in DC, Brianne fought for and succeeded in bringing violence prevention resources to Ward 1. She became a champion of the Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results (NEAR) Act, helping pass and fund it. And now, the District government treats violence like a disease that infects not just the person who picks up the gun, but their friends, family and whole community. Brianne is investing in both short- and long-term solutions to address violence in our communities, securing millions of dollars in violence prevention funding for Ward 1 each year.
The involvement of young people in serious crimes like carjackings is upsetting, and does not have to continue. It's important for the public to know that even as we pursue justice for victims, we are working to prevent these crimes from recurring. As Chairperson of the Committee on Human Services, Brianne works together with our Attorney General, and our Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services. She knows that in order to improve outcomes for youth, as well as the entire community, we must offer rehabilitation, not just punishment. If we want to end the cycle of violence and crime for our youth and their victims, we have to make investments in their future, provide them with mental health supports and also support their families.
Campaign Email vote2022@chrisotten.one
Education B.A. College of the Holy Cross (Major: Mathematics)
Qualifications Former ANC Commissioner; DC Zoning Expert; Community Organizer
Campaign Twitter Handle @oughttabeotten
Website www.chrisotten.one
1. Smart Housing Density with More Parity: We will build more housing, for families with less. "Affordable housing" will be redefined to focus on residents and families making the living wage or below.

2. Social Uplift for All Now: We will open health clinics, community centers, and parks equitably in every Ward One neighborhood after mapping all community service gaps. And, we will find funding assistance for mutual aid groups serving our most vulnerable communities including our immigrant brothers and sisters.
Always fighting for Statehood, I will publicly sojourn to the Capitol at least once quarterly to push for Statehood with a team of DC residents harmed by our lack of representation. I want to win this sooner than later as Democrats will acutely own the House, Senate, and Presidency. We must act urgently at that time and without any delay. There will no longer be any obstacles to victory except born of our own lackadaisical devise.
The US Census recently reported that 60,000 Black folks have been made gone from our city over the past 20 years. Coincidentally, the city's luxury-focused housing production has skyrocketed over this time. The racial wealth gap means this new housing is geared to wealthier whiter newer residents and displaces longer term Black families. Plus, the city's housing production monies have been purposely targeted at subsidizing more expensive studios and one bedroom units. My first priority is to redefine the city's grotesque definition of "affordable housing" and focus efforts on residents and families making the living wage or less. Then we will actively defend against the upheaval of DC's more vulnerable communities and stop displacement.
With the increased wealth gap will inevitably come increased crimes of poverty and scarcity. If the city focused on making sure everyone had access to reliable good paying jobs, secure housing, positive education, and hope there would be less crime. We can and must ensure social uplift drives our policy. Right now city budgets and policy has found ways to assist building luxury play things like stadiums, condos, and hotels while our lowest income communities flounder with disinvestment and neglect. We can and must flip the budgets and policies back to human-focused duty of care and concern. No more children will go to bed or to school hungry in DC.
So much to do... let's start with good after school programs and training that actually connects our youth with good paying jobs. I will find funding for 24-7 recreation and training facilities staffed by adult role models in the community to lead by example and provide an outlet towards good life choices and outcomes.