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DC ANC 2E02 Commissioner

Duties: Serves as a member of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). Commissioners represent the views of residents of their Single Member District (SMD). After deliberation and votes, the ANC Commission advises the Mayor, Council and executive agencies in local matters such as parking, zoning, traffic, liquor licenses, permits, etc.

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    Patrick Clawson

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    Christopher "Topher" Mathews

Información Biográfica

What is the most important issue facing your Single Member District and how do you intend to address it?

How will you engage with residents to be an effective Commissioner, especially reaching those who are unfamiliar with the role and value of ANCs?

Is there a question you wish we had asked? If so, what is the question and how would you answer it?

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Qualifications I've been a resident of Georgetown nearly 20 years and have been actively involved with many community affairs, including serving as a board member of the Citizens Association of Georgetown for ten years, the board of the Friends of Volta Park, and a wide variety of committees and working groups. Moreover, I've been the sole writer and publisher of the Georgetown Metropolitan news website since its inception in 2008. But more than anything, I'm a problem solver who enjoys working with people in the community to tackle seemingly impossible issues. Fundamentally I'm an optimist, and I believe getting people around a table to talk problems through can achieve great things. I have the desire and personal skills to bring those people to the table.
I believe that pedestrian safety is the biggest issue facing our SMD. Since the start of the pandemic, dangerous driving has skyrocketed. Too many drivers are speeding and running stop signs in our neighborhood. Pedestrian fatalities are way up across the city. We are lucky in Georgetown not to have any such fatalities during this spike, but it is only a matter of time before one of our neighbors is taken from us unless we do something about it now. I would like to push the city to increase traffic enforcement through our neighborhood to catch those reckless drivers before they harm someone. And I would also push the city to consider road redesigns that encourage safer driving without the need for enforcement.
I plan to knock on every door in the SMD before the election and introduce myself to every voter I can. I will endeavor to build as large a distribution list as I can and produce regular community bulletins updating the SMD on news affecting the community. I have a great deal of experience doing just that as I have run a daily news website covering Georgetown since 2008. I plan to apply that same diligence to keeping the SMD as informed as they wish to be.

Additionally, I plan to be physically out and about in the neighborhood as much as possible, always happy to chat about whatever is impacting our neighbors. If you see me out walking my dog, say hi!
What is the second biggest issue facing your SMD?

After pedestrian safety, I think the single issue that most often concerns our neighbors is the state of the commercial district, particularly along Wisconsin Ave. I have a good relationship with the BID and Georgetown Main Streets, and I will work hard and productively with them to bring good, neighborhood-serving businesses to our many vacant storefronts. There is only so much the ANC can do along these lines, but at the very least it can ease entry for promising businesses and be an obstacle for noxious ones that threaten to become a community burden.