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DC ANC 5B02 Commissioner

Duties: Serves as a member of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). Commissioners represent the views of residents of their Single Member District (SMD). After deliberation and votes, the ANC Commission advises the Mayor, Council and executive agencies in local matters such as parking, zoning, traffic, liquor licenses, permits, etc.

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    Nandini Sen

Información Biográfica

What is the most important issue facing your Single Member District and how do you intend to address it?

How will you engage with residents to be an effective Commissioner, especially reaching those who are unfamiliar with the role and value of ANCs?

Is there a question you wish we had asked? If so, what is the question and how would you answer it?

Qualifications I meet the requirements. I am aspirational.
Campaign Twitter Handle @@sen_anc5b02
Most important from whose perspective? There are roughly 2000 people in my SMD. It is impossible to highlight a single issue and call it "most important". I want to ask this same question to as many neighbors, listen, collaborate, find solutions. 1. I want to be accessible to every neighbor, first and foremost. 2. I want my constituents to have a sense of safety and security in their home, around their block, and in the neighborhood. 3. I want us to have better/easier access to grocery stores and medical care. 3. Clean streets, clean neighborhoods. 4. Access to city services 5. DC Statehood - this will impact every Ward and every SMD, including mine.

Most importantly, I want neighbors talking to each other, caring for each other and their neighborhoods, highlighting the issues in their block, collaborating with others on solutions. I want to serve in a way that inspires others (succession planning) so that I know I will be in good hands regardless of occupies the chair of ANC.

Meet the neighbors wherever they are. Have monthly office hours. Be accessible on email, twitter, FB, phone, Text, etc. I will take all the opportunities to have conversations at local events. If elected, I plan on visiting every school and business in my SMD.
What are 3 things that will ground me in this work 1. Think about succession if you want to be truly effective 2. Be inspirational - people should want to serve 3. Set aside the ego - you do not know it all regardless of being in this seat